Thursday, April 4, 2013

Party time!

The last two years we have celebrated Scarlett's birthday while at the beach. It's a really fun tradition that I hope we can keep going for years to come. Since her birthday was late in the week this year, we decided to celebrate a couple days early so that she could enjoy playing with her gifts all week long and plus it's fun to keep celebrating all week long :) 

We had a princess party theme. I love the things that Jennifer at the Sweetheart Party Shop makes... I got SJ's banner, cupcake toppers and centerpieces from her. 

She woke up from her nap and was so excited to see the patio decorated for her party! A little pre-party cupcake... she is, after all, the birthday girl :) 

Here is Cinderella ready for her ball. 

Oh my precious, precious girl. You are our little princess forever!

We had a Mexican fiesta themed dinner and a princess party... 

The girls wore tiaras....
(Aunt Rinnie and Nonni) 

And the boys were frog princes...
(Uncle Chaz and Boo)

Scarlett your life is such a gift to each of us... 
An new outfit for Bitty Baby!

A new Fancy Nancy book...

Thank you Lolli and Pop for Belle!! 

New boots!!!

Thank you to our family for making Scarlett's birthday very special!!! We love you Scarlett. 

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  1. That last picture is SO SWEET! I keep looking at it! Happy birthday Scarlett! What a joy!

    1. Ha! She is pure sweetness. Thank you Kathleen!

  2. Love it! How awesome that you got a 2nd wear out of that preciously crafted Halloween outfit? Awesome! All the decor was precious and I especially LOVE the frog prince crowns: so darling. Oh the girlie gifts - fancy nancy, babies, princesses, tea sets = perfection. Looks like her party was a big ole hit - Happy Birthday Scarlett!

  3. Thanks Lindsy! Yes, the costume that keeps on giving :) And the girlie gifts are OH so know all about that!

  4. Oh I just love my little Princess.