Sunday, May 29, 2011

A beautiful Sunday with a couple firsts.

We enjoyed a sunny, hot Sunday here in the Bluegrass. I walked outside to feed Callie this morning and it was already gorgeous. Then when we walked out the door headed for church it was HOT. Who does not love a 3 day weekend!?! I am so glad that we still have tomorrow to spend together.

Here is our sweet, sweet girl.

She wore this pretty, blue smocked dress that her Lolli and Pop gave her to church today.

Can I please just have a moment? ....... my girl is growing up so fast! All through her first year people would tell me how fast it goes and now I believe them...and it is getting even faster!!!
Scarlett continues to be a pure joy to Mitch and I. She has such a sweet spirit and is fun and vivacious.

So, we had a couple firsts today here on the Owen range....
1. Scarlett rode in the car facing forward for the 1st time today.
2. Scarlett got her 1st bad "pop knot" on her head (it was after I took these pictures).
3. Scarlett stayed in the nursery at church by herself for the 1st time today. I know it may not seem like it but that is a big deal... mostly for me because I worry about her so much. She did great! She got down and did not even look back at me. But when I went to pick her up she ran to me! I was so proud of her.

Here is my girly-girl. She loves to get ahold of my pink clutch and carry it around. Her other favorite thing is bracelets. Mainly, bangles. Oh my... she is a piece of work!

Hoping everyone has a fabulous weekend as we remember those who have served our country. God Bless the USA!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our Hill-topper.

My little brother Chaz graduated from WKU a couple weekends ago and we all loved celebrating his awesome accomplishment. He graduated from the Honors College with multiple honors... we were so proud!!! He just continues to be an amazing brother, uncle, young-man-of-God and friend. We love you CHAZ!!!!!!

We enjoyed a nice dinner before the graduation ceremony. Mitch and Scarlett headed to the hotel after dinner because the ceremony was going to last way past Scarlett's bedtime. Mitch is such a great daddy. Thank you, babe!

Here we are at dinner... (minus my sweet Dad who was the photographer)

Let's just say Scarlett loved her Alfredo....

Our little family of 3.

My PRECIOUS parents with our graduate. (they now have 3 college graduates!)

The sea of red from all the new graduates.

WAY TO GO CHAZ! We all love you so much.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Swinging in the rain.

Scarlett and I enjoyed a little lunch date with Kristin and Kingston earlier this week at the park. The weather man called for rain, but we decided to brave the elements anyway. Well, rain it did as it has been doing for what seems like the past month! I totally understand what Bill Meck (that is our beloved weather man) means by "scattered showers" now.

So, we just sat under the shelter until we did not feel like it was raining too bad and then we let the cuties swing!

They loved it! But when the rain came they were not happy with us when we grabbed them up and headed for cover again.

But dry or not we were thankful for a few fun hours with our friends.

Oh my goodness I LOVE this sweet girl!!!!!

The minor storms we have been getting around here reminds me to pray for our precious family and friends of Joplin, Missouri. Mitch's Aunt Mimi and her daughter Alex and her husband and sweet baby girl live in Joplin. Alex and her family had quite a scare and we are so thankful they are safe. I talked to Alex last night and she said they are still pretty shook up but so thankful that the Lord protected them. Also, my dear friend Mallory is a student at Ozark in Joplin. Thankfully she was home here in KY, but I know she will continue to be effected by the disaster that came through her second home. We will continue to pray for the city of Joplin!

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

I don't know what happened to my original post, but I just realized it is gone! So, here we go again...

I tried something new today with our busy girl. I saw this on Kelly's Korner a while back and wanted to see if Scarlett would even be interested in this....

I gave her 2 mixing bowls with ice in each of them and a big spoon.

Needless to say, it was a success!!!

The title of this post reminded me of something funny. When Mitch and I were on our honeymoon 2 girls came up to him and asked, "Are you Vanilla Ice?" He responded, "No." They then said, "Well, can we have our picture with you because you look just like him." And being the extremely nice guy he is he agreed. Ha! Those of you who know Mitch can join me in laughing out loud because he is SO not into that sort of "limelight" stuff. Oh my. Well, I will let you be the judge...

Here is Mitch on our wedding day...

And his "look alike" Vanilla Ice...


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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lookout Treehouse

Scarlett has been enjoying her new "Lookout Treehouse" from Nonni and Pepaw.

She was climbing the "ladder" all by herself as soon as I put it together... she is my little monkey.

Believe me, she likes to be on the "lookout!"

Thank you Nonni and Pepaw!!!! xoxo - Scarlett

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweet fellowship

Mitch and I both graduated from Asbury College. Well, now it is Asbury University, but it sounds funny to say that! We loved our time are there. We both feel like the education we received and the entire "college experience" was great. One thing in particular that makes Asbury so special is the community that you become a part of when you are an "Asburian." We love the precious life-long friendships we made during our time there. The girls I lived with (the Duckies as my frequent/longtime readers know!) are SO special to me. There are other friends that will always be a part of our lives too. We recently had visits from some dear Asbury friends that I want to be sure and document.

Laurelee... I will never forget the first time I met this darling southern belle. Doesn't her name just make you think she should stroll up in a hoop skirt holding a parasol? I love it! She is a precious Georgia peach. I am SO thankful the Lord allowed our paths to cross!!! She was in town visiting her sweet sister (Caroline) and she so graciously made our house a stop on her trip! Here she is pictured (left) with another darling friend Courtney (middle).

Now Courtney is a little Texas cowgirl! Courtney is as sweet as they come and she has always inspired me with her love for the Lord and for the people of Israel.

Laurelee brought Scarlett this cute cup from Savannah, GA with a fancy straw and wouldn't you know that while we were upstairs giving the girls a little "home tour" Scarlett threw the cup down the stairs and it cracked! It was totally an accident but I was so sad. At least we still have the fun, twisty straw!

Laurelee decided she like Scarlett's "pebbles" hairdo and so she tried to do the same.... as soon as she looked at Scarlett she cried! ha!!!!! It was a very funny moment as you can see from Courtney's laugh.

When I started this post including Laurelee, it made me think of a precious reader Caroline, Laurelee's little sister. Caroline knit Scarlett 3 cute, cute bibs before she was born and I realized I have never shown Caroline a picture of Scarlett with one of her bibs on... Caroline this one is for you!!! :) Thank you!!!!


The DiMartino's are some other sweet Asbury friends. They were in town this past weekend and we were SO glad they came over for a little play date!

I cannot remember how Aidan and I met, I just remember having a speech communications class together and the rest is history!

There have been 2 sweet little girls added to the mix since we saw each other last so that made our visit extra special.
Here are Scarlett and Aolani. Aolani has beautiful olive skin and gorgeous dark eyes!!!
We are still working on sharing :)

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Livin' the Dream..... Rolex 2011

2 weekends ago my cousin/best friend growing up competed in the Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event. Hannah Sue Burnett is her name if you want to follow her amazing riding career. I am quite sentimental about her "stardom" because we grew up riding horses together. We spent pretty much everyday together at the barn. It was a blast! When we were young we would beg our moms to let us skip school and go Rolex. We would dream of riding there one day.... well that dream has come true for Hannah. She is the real deal. It is seriously amazing to watch from the sideline as she lives out her dream!

Ok, so just to give a little history.... here I am with 2 darling "barn buddies" when I was probably 11 or 12 years old (I am the one on the far right.... you may also notice my precious mom (who is allergic to horses mind you!) in the picture as well)

That was my horse "Rocky." He was a gorgeous grey appaloosa. He was spirited!

Here is Hannah when she was probably 10 years old when she won the Oldham County Fair Horse Show on her horse Kody...

Hannah's mom, Sue, is pictured here letting Kody drink out of her silver trophy! Sue has always been like a second mom to me.

Here we are together at Rolex this year on Dressage day. Sue, Scarlett, my mom and me.

And here is Hannah! This is after her amazing double clean cross-country ride (amazing!!!!)

If you would like to watch her rides you can do so HERE.

On cross-country day Aunt Ryan (my sister) and Derek (Mitch's best friend) joined us... Here are the boys...

Our little family enjoying the beautiful day at the Horse Park...

And I had to show y'all this... Here is Aunt Ryan. ah!!! I know it looks really realistic, but it is just a cutout thing you pose with!

On Sunday (stadium jumping day) Mitch and Scarlett stayed home because it had been a long weekend already. Here is a picture of Hannah and Nike (her horse) riding their course.... I was way up in the stands so you have to look close.

Hannah ended up finishing in 8th place out of 40 something. Top 10 at Rolex is incredible. She is actually being looked at for the 2012 Summer Olympics! London here we come!!!!

Here is Hannah signing autographs for her adoring fans.... I told you she is famous :)

Here we are after her final ride...
Way to go Hannah.... I love you!!!!

And this post would not be complete without me showing y'all how much fun little missy had "watching the horsies"
She also loved our picnic lunch... imagine that!

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