Thursday, May 5, 2011


No, dear readers, I did not make a mistake on the title of this post. I did not mean to put this....


Although diapers are now what I associate with the word 'pamper.' I am talking about this!!!!

The "new" mommies getting manis/pedis!!! Oh, it was divine! Kristin cracked me up when she got in the pedicure chair, put her feet in the tub and said, "I wish I could get my whole self into that tub!" ha!

Here I am with our precious "pamperer", Stephanie. She was a doll!

My darling friend Kristin was the "mastermind" behind our little pamper session... am I good at picking friends or what? (Just kidding! ha!) It was our little, "we did it!" party. It was perfect.

We enjoyed lunch at a little tea room in town before heading to the salon. YUM!

And then we topped it off with Coconut Cream Pie (warm!). We were speechless :)

Oh my, yesterday was such a treat! (thank you Kristin!!!!! love you friend.)

And now.... for today.... it is only 9:00 a.m. and my living room looks like this....

AHHH! Welcome back to reality. But I love it. I decided this would give me the perfect opportunity to clean toys since they are obviously all accounted for! ha!

And I have to say, how adorable are these 'little people'... they just make me smile.

Hoping your day is filled with unexpected smiles as well!

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