Friday, September 30, 2011

a few high points in our week

Somehow the days flew by and it is Friday! Here are some small high-points in our week...

First of all, you may notice Scarlett's scratched nose in some of these pics. Let me just tell you that was NOT one of our high points. It was awful. She tripped over a dog leash on the sidewalk outside Aunt Barbie's house on Sunday afternoon. It was one of those moments that happened in slow motion and Mitch and I's arms could not get to her fast enough. She was totally fine, but there were some scratches left!

This had to be one of Scarlett's favorite visitors this week... a kitty cat. She is animal obsessed. Like, she even wants to stop and pet animal statues we see. And we do. ha! So when this little visitor showed up after nap time on Monday, Scarlett welcome him/her with open arms, literally :)

On Tuesday Scarlett and I basked in the lovely fall afternoon and shared lunch together at her mini table on the deck. It was a sweet moment together. Let's just say my backside did not fit as nicely into the chair as Scarlett's did.

Is there anything better than homemade salsa? I mean the kind where the tomatoes, onions and peppers were all grown in a backyard garden and then canned in the kitchen just feet away. One of Mitch's patients made and gave this to him and it truly has been a treat for me this week.

And finally, the princess thanks you for reading! I put this picture in here especially for one of my devoted readers -- Mitch's Gran!! Gran gave Scarlett this princess crown when we visited her in OK this summer and Scarlett has now decided she likes to adorn her little head with it.

Hoping you can think of some little high-points from your week too!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

story time and lunch

We enjoyed story time yesterday at the library... Kristin had the idea to go and we are always up for new outings! Then we had a fun surprise to find our friend Stephanie there with her two girls. Her youngest, Kyleigh, is only 3 weeks younger than Scarlett. Kingston, Kyleigh and Scarlett are all sweet April 2010 babies!

Scarlett and the darling Kyleigh.

Scarlett LOVES to hold hands. She holds mine all the time as we just walk through the house. Kingston was apparently getting away too quickly for her to get his hand!

Kristin and I witnessed this hilarious little conversation....

Scarlett and I wanted to pose with our story-time character -- flip-flap jack

Here are our three little sweeties.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Disney dreamin'

Is there any better place on earth than Disney World? Let me answer that for you -- no. I have been hearing about several of our friends and acquaintances' recent travels to Disney and so I thought I would do a little remembering and dreaming myself. But, before I do so, I have to share a great resource with you. You have "met" Aunt KT on my blog in several posts before. She is one of my best friends from college. She happens to be a Disney expert and fanatic. Truly, you have not "done" Disney until you have gone with the advice from an expert. KT has a blog solely devoted to her expertise... visit KT's blog HERE and make your next Disney adventure even better than you could have imagined!

Mitch and I went to Disney with my parents, sister and his Memaw in March of 2009. That's right, 6 adults, no children and we had a blast!

Then, in December of 2009 (when I was 25 weeks pregnant with Scarlett) I got to go back to Disney with KT and our precious friend Laurelee.... and BOY OH BOY did we have FUN!!!! Disney at Christmas is doubly as magical. However, golly were my feet and ankles swollen! I may or may not have been pushed around in a wheel chair by my 2 darling friends :)

Safari in Animal Kingdom, with real animals...ha! (inside joke) You might notice we rode in the front seat... only a Disney expert like KT would know that it is the most accommodating seat for pregnant women since you experience less "jostling." I love it!

Since we were there at Christmas, we got to see the filming of the Christmas Day program which was so fun... Celine Dion, Chris Allen and Yanni were among some of the "stars" we saw.
Ok, and this is one of my most favorite pictures of all time... let me bring to your attention the crazed little girl in the right hand corner. ha!! Looks like Chris Allen has some very devoted fans. Hilarious.

And here is my little Disney dreamer.
She was holding baby Minnie tight while enjoying a snack and watching Disney's Tangled. Baby Minnie (pictured) and Cruise-line Minnie are both gifts from Aunt KT... Scarlett loves them. I guess KT was set on starting her early and I am so glad she did :) We cannot wait to take this sweet girl!!!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday of productivity.

Good morning!!!! We are off and running. This has got to be a productive Saturday (I think I can, I think I can...). We have to get out early since the UK/Florida game is at home today and our street will be full in a few short hours.
Here are my little Saturday morning sleepy heads...

Hoping you have a wonderful Saturday, whatever it may entail!!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

my little pumpkin and a home tour

My little pumpkin and I have been running lots of errands lately. It makes me crave a "pajama day" at home. Those are some of my favorite, and often most productive, days. We were out and about this morning... I thought I would capture my little "assistant" before we headed out. This is what she thought about that.... Ha!
and then she was off... to care for her babies :)

If Scarlett could do the same thing all day everyday it would be this...
She is obsessed with Callie and loves to feed her treats all the time. I hope Callie is getting the picture here... if she is sweet to Scarlett it is only a WIN-WIN for her.

I feel like I have been more busy than usual the past 2 weeks! I hate feeling so busy that you can't get a grip on the present. Someone once told me, that acronym for busy is "being under satan's yoke." YUCK!!! I think I have felt so busy partly because we put our house on the market last Saturday. It takes a lot of work to get your house in "viewing" order... who knew. I don't think I have ever given a "home tour" on my blog and I want to have these pictures for memory's sake too... so here is our home:

--- Living Room ---

--- Dining Room ---

--- Kitchen ---

--- Laundry (separate, off of kitchen) ---

--- Master Bedroom ---

--- Master Bathroom ---

--- Bedroom 2 ---

--- Bedroom 3 (upstairs) ---

--- Hallway Bathroom ---

Tile detailing and glass block window in shower

------ BACK YARD ------

Concealed by 6ft. privacy fence around entire perimeter.

Private "patio"

------- New storage shed built on-site in February 2011 -------


If you know of anyone looking for a house in our area, please contact me at erin.owen11gmailcom We love our little house and will miss it so much, but here is to new horizons... wherever they may be!

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