Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Because these are the moments we want to remember...

I knew this moment would come, but you never guess how special it will be...

Can you believe this? We have officially have a TODDLER!!! She took her first 2 steps the day before Easter, but we counted about TEN when we were practicing here. Sweet little thing.

We have had so much rain in the past week that we literally have almost floated away! The sun finally came out for a little while yesterday so we enjoyed some time on the front porch...

And here is a little mommy bird who has decided to raise her little ones under the protection of our porch... meet our newest little inhabitant... mommy bird.

Okay, so I am SO excited about this weekend. My cousin/best friend growing up (Hannah Burnett) is riding in the Rolex 3-Day Event at the Kentucky Horse Park. She is seriously a superstar!!!! I have the honor of being her "human groom" (i.e. do her hair and makeup all weekend, etc.) Please, please pray for her!!! I know she has the potential to WIN! Read more about Hannah HERE. Spread the word, this girl is living her dream and it is my honor to watch!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hello darling readers!!! I am so sorry for my absence! I am back.

I am SO embarrassed to say that I did a HORRIBLE job documenting Scarlett's first Easter. Seriously, Mitch and I have just sat here on the couch for the last 30 minutes laughing out loud at these! So sorry to our precious family who is miles away and wanted to see pictures of our adorable girl in her Easter get-up... believe me she did look SO cute.

We spent Saturday evening dying Easter eggs with Mitch's side of the family. Scarlett dyed her first eggs and loved it!! She also loved playing with her aunts and uncles. Of course I was a total ding-dong and forgot my camera that night -- strike 1!

Just like every Sunday morning, we were in a rush to get to church on time. We went to church with my parents I have to tell you that we had an amazing Easter message. You can listen to it here. It is all about JESUS! By His stripes we are healed and HE IS RISEN!!!! Praise the Lord oh my soul.

Here are Scarlett and I before we ran out the door...

That face...ha!!!

Our sweet little beauty queen...

After church we headed out to Grandmoo and Grandaddy's house (my Dad's parents). Here are Mitch, Aunt Ryan, Scar and Nonni swinging on the porch swing.

Scarlett with her Great Grandmoo and Great Aunt Donna.

Practice makes perfect!!!

Grandmoo, Ryan and oh... Parker.

And here is the only family picture we captured today and it is not good, but oh well... here is to reality!

And here is our little tuckered out love bunny!

Hoping you enjoyed a full and meaningful Easter with those you love...


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Monday, April 25, 2011

F is for FAMILY!

The best part of holidays is celebrating with those we love...

Here are some of the moments I captured during our time together.

Uncle Chaz, ha!

Our cousin Nick celebrated Easter with us and we loved having him. He is also one of Chaz's fraternity brothers.

Pepaw... you are the BEST!!! (and go CATS!)

Scarlett with her Easter baskets. I do not know why Nonni put hers in a Victoria Secret bag, ha!

Getting into mommy's bag.

Standing on her own... she gets so tickled at herself!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Play-date with the boys!

Scarlett and I had a blast today at a play date at my friend Meredith's house. It is so good for our little ones who spend most days with their mommies to play together. They played so well together. Kingston and Scarlett are just 2 weeks apart and then Collin is about a month and a half older than them. I am so thankful for fellowship with other mommies. Thanks for a fun visit girls!

Our busy babes!

Collin was the only walker, such a little cutie!


Oh my girl needs to learn to share!

Officer Collin on his Police motorcycle, ha!

This is the best toy ever!!! The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home. They all wanted to play with it!

Mommy and son... Meredith and Collin :)

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Multipurpose Tub

There are somedays that I do not have a chance to "get ready" on my own because Scarlett wakes up from her nap early or I don't plan my time right while she is down. Well, that happened to me this week when we were trying to get out of the house (to visit Kristin and Kingston, mind you... I am a high maintenance friend! I said, "Can we come over?" and Kristin is so sweet she said, "Yes!" Plus, it was pouring rain so I was glad we had a little day date.) Instead of letting her tear apart our bathroom I tried something I saw another momma do with her toddler (apparently I have a toddler now since she is 1!) on a blog... maybe this is an old trick, but it was the first time I tried it.

I totally dried out our bath tub, put a quilt down and put her in it with some toys.

Needless to say, she loved it!

So, I highly recommend this to my other little mommies out there... that is until she 1) learns how to turn the water on or 2) can climb out! Probably the latter rather than the former.

And then later that day we filled up her little tub and it was bath time again!

SO thankful for this sweet girl!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Growing every day.

I know that my sweet girl is one now, but I just cannot believe how much older she looks everyday.

She is so close to walking...

Uh oh, there is mama's little baby! I think this upset was my fault... I must have taken something away.

We ran some errands the other day and I thought she looked so cute as a little strawberry.

And these I cannot get over! Her birthday present from Aunt Ryan: Puma tennis!!!!! Every time I talk to Ryan now (which is at least every day) she asks if Scarlett is walking... So, no Ryan, she is not walking yet!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A dress is the best.

I thought Scarlett looked so cute yesterday in her little play dress. I love finding little cotton dresses like this because they are perfect for just being comfy and playing.

I can remember when I worked full-time (outside the home that is) my favorite thing to wear was a dress. I always felt like it was the easiest kind of outfit because it was just one piece. You did not have to wash or iron 2 different things. That might sound silly but that was my reasoning. I still feel that way, I just don't get dressed up as much!

Eating a pretzel :)

We had kind of a catch-up day at home and then walked at the Arboretum with Aunt Barbie until we were almost caught in a Tornado! We were walking and then all of the sudden the sky turned black and the winds kicked up and we ran to the cars!

Hope you are having a great week!

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