Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Because these are the moments we want to remember...

I knew this moment would come, but you never guess how special it will be...

Can you believe this? We have officially have a TODDLER!!! She took her first 2 steps the day before Easter, but we counted about TEN when we were practicing here. Sweet little thing.

We have had so much rain in the past week that we literally have almost floated away! The sun finally came out for a little while yesterday so we enjoyed some time on the front porch...

And here is a little mommy bird who has decided to raise her little ones under the protection of our porch... meet our newest little inhabitant... mommy bird.

Okay, so I am SO excited about this weekend. My cousin/best friend growing up (Hannah Burnett) is riding in the Rolex 3-Day Event at the Kentucky Horse Park. She is seriously a superstar!!!! I have the honor of being her "human groom" (i.e. do her hair and makeup all weekend, etc.) Please, please pray for her!!! I know she has the potential to WIN! Read more about Hannah HERE. Spread the word, this girl is living her dream and it is my honor to watch!

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  1. So proud of her! She will be running around in no time!

  2. Scarlett is walking!!!!!!!!! yeeeeeeeeeee go scar go :)

  3. So precious! I loved seeing the joy in your face. So much love in that home. Thinking of you often.

  4. Thank you sweet girls!!!! love to each of you...xoxo