Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hello darling readers!!! I am so sorry for my absence! I am back.

I am SO embarrassed to say that I did a HORRIBLE job documenting Scarlett's first Easter. Seriously, Mitch and I have just sat here on the couch for the last 30 minutes laughing out loud at these! So sorry to our precious family who is miles away and wanted to see pictures of our adorable girl in her Easter get-up... believe me she did look SO cute.

We spent Saturday evening dying Easter eggs with Mitch's side of the family. Scarlett dyed her first eggs and loved it!! She also loved playing with her aunts and uncles. Of course I was a total ding-dong and forgot my camera that night -- strike 1!

Just like every Sunday morning, we were in a rush to get to church on time. We went to church with my parents I have to tell you that we had an amazing Easter message. You can listen to it here. It is all about JESUS! By His stripes we are healed and HE IS RISEN!!!! Praise the Lord oh my soul.

Here are Scarlett and I before we ran out the door...

That face...ha!!!

Our sweet little beauty queen...

After church we headed out to Grandmoo and Grandaddy's house (my Dad's parents). Here are Mitch, Aunt Ryan, Scar and Nonni swinging on the porch swing.

Scarlett with her Great Grandmoo and Great Aunt Donna.

Practice makes perfect!!!

Grandmoo, Ryan and oh... Parker.

And here is the only family picture we captured today and it is not good, but oh well... here is to reality!

And here is our little tuckered out love bunny!

Hoping you enjoyed a full and meaningful Easter with those you love...


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