Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pass times.

Some of Scarlett's favorite pass times include...

Playing with Daddy....

And re-organizing the fridge...

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Recovery... Cruisin'.... the CATS.... and a great read.

Quite a title! I am so thankful Sunday comes after Saturday because we had some recovery to do after a BIG Saturday.

Look what I found in Scarlett's nursery yesterday afternoon....
my 2 sweeties were tuckered out.

Scarlett LOVED cruisin' in her new Cozy Coupe her Lolly and Pop gave her...

She was smiling and smiling.

Mitch said she even did a "Tokyo Drift" when he was wheeling her through the kitchen. (mitch!)

How about those Kentucky WILDCATS?!?!?! Woo hoo!!! We were on the edge of our seats on the Owen Range today! So excited to be cheering the CATS on the in final four!

Although it is technically spring, it has not been feeling like it around here. There was even snow on the ground when we woke up this morning. So, I have decided to invite spring in even though it may be a few weeks longer before we see the effects outside. I have a bunch of fresh flowers from Scarlett's party so I decorated this "corner" in my kitchen with some touches of spring (aka some plates/teapot I found at TJ Maxx a couple years ago!)...

I have to tell you all about a wonderful book Mitch and I try to read each year in the weeks leading up to Easter. And the Angels Were Silent by Max Lucado. He is an incredible writer. This book sets up Christ's death and the celebration of His resurrection so well. You will enjoy it so much as you prepare your heart and mind for Easter, I promise!

Hoping you have a great week!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Painting the town STRIPED!!!!!

Warning to my dear readers... this post is LOooooOOONnnNNnNNNGGGggGGGG!!!

As long as this post is and as crazy as this may sound, I still feel like I did not capture all of the sweet moments we had together at Scarlett's 1st Birthday party that we celebrated early today. First of all, I have to tell y'all that I have been feeling rather weepy about this... how can my baby be turning one already? I am so thankful that she is healthy and growing so strong, but part of my wants her to be a baby forever. Good thing I still have a week and a half before she is truly 1!

Scarlett was a wonderful little hostess. I really think everyone had a nice time even though we were a little cramped for space since the weather did not cooperate!

~~~~~~~~ DECOR~~~~~~~~~

I made the banner and tissue pom-poms... this is not the best picture that I took a couple nights before but it captures the idea:) Gotta love the laundry in the chair and hamper in the middle of the floor!

The cake table. Ok, my mouth is watering just typing about this... my sister made the cakes and they were delicious! Seriously, better than anything I have ever had from a bakery. And they were SOOOO cute. Thank you Ryan! What can't you do?!?!?!?!

A little photo display of our girl's first year.


This is a precious picture of Scarlett with her Great Grandmoo (that is what we call my Dad's mother)

Oh my.

Aunt Barbie with 2 sweeties.

Scarlett provided our lunch entertainment!

Here we are with my sweet Mama and Aunt Barbie.

Lolly and Pop!

The very best sister and friend a girl could EVER ask for!

Playing around with her aunts and uncles.

~~~~~~~~~ CAKE TIME ~~~~~~~~~~

Scarlett loved her cake. She was very delicate and meticulous when eating it. She carefully picked off the polka-dots... cute! I finally ended up just cutting her a piece and she went to town on that!

Izzy was lovin' the cake! I am telling you people, I could not get over how good it was.

~~~~~~~~ PIN THE TAIL ON THE ZEBRA~~~~~~~~~

Mitch was in charge of "games", ha! He did a great job with Pin the tail on the Zebra.
GO Ashton!

My sweet Daddy and Grandaddy

~~~~~~~~Thoughtful gifts for our little treasure~~~~~~~~~

Look who is trying to walk!

Aunt Ashton :)

2 of my most favorite people in the WORLD! My brother (Chaz) and sister (Ryan)
Ryan and Chaz both went to WKU so they had to pose with Scarlett and Big Red (a gift from Uncle Chaz)... GO TOPS!

But, this is the face Scarlett made when she realized she was not cheering on the Wildcats...
uh oh. ha!

Lovin' time with Pepaw and Nonni. Nonni was so sweet to share her actual birthday with Scarlett today.

Thank you to our loving family who celebrated with us today.... thank you for making our girl feel so special -- we love you!

So, do you feel like you were there? I warned you!!!

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