Friday, March 4, 2011

Mama's little helper...

Mitch's spring break (one of the biggest perks to your husband still being a student -- SPRING BREAK!) is coming up in a couple weeks and I have been trying to get a head start on packing. I am SO excited we are going somewhere this year because last year I was REALLY pregnant and we were grounded to our house. Just a little reminder for us... this is what I mean by REALLY pregnant:)

It seems like there is no way to travel light with a baby! We will be flying so that means even less baggage. Thank goodness (actually, thanks dad!) we can check some bags for free. I found some great travel items on like a bag (that you can check) especially tailored for child car seats. That will be so helpful.

My little helper has taken a lot of interest in the suitcases that are now lining one of our dining room walls....

I turned around for a split second and found her inside the large suitcase!

There was apparently something in there that she wanted to get ahold of really bad.
The suitcases have practically turned into giant toys for Scarlett. At the end of the day, the contents are everywhere.... I really need to zip them, but watching my little explorer is so fun.

And I guess packing makes a girl thirsty because she was going to town with water bottle. wild woman!

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