Friday, March 11, 2011

Airtime activity and bow training.

I have to start off by saying that my heart is with several of our dear friends today. Recently at least 3 couples that we know have been dealing with health issues/concerns with their children. My heart is heavy for them. Will you please join me in praying for them and their sweet babies? God knows the details!

As we are preparing for Scarlett's first plane ride (ah!), I have been trying to think of what we will do to occupy our time in the air. I am quite nervous about flying with a baby only because I have been on so many flights with little (as my dad so aptly named them) Screamin' Demons.
If you have any tips about flying with young children, I would love to hear them! My wondering brought me back to a blog that my co-worker (who is darling, by the way!) showed me last August. This is where I got my inspiration to make Scarlett an activity mat. I loved the idea of having something I could spread out on the tray table for her to play with. It is so easy too because it is virtually flat so it is much simpler to pack than bulky toys. I already had this fabric at home and everything on here is out of my junk drawer(s) or little things Scarlett has not played with before. She LOVES junk. I have even filled up an empty tissue box before this random things (that would not harm her) and she will go through it for 30-45 minutes! Anyhow, here is my creation:



My assistant in the background having a snack...

I only showed it to her for a second to be sure we do not let the "newness" and/or "excitement" wear off before our plane ride. She was VERY interested in everything! I am happy with how it turned out and will let you know if my work pays off!

On another note... we have been practicing something that I have recently instituted entitled: Bow Training.
It might sound crazy, but every time I put a bow in Scarlett's hair she reaches up and takes it out no faster than I can say, "boo." It is totally my fault because for the longest time I just did not put anything in her hair or on her head. She has always had a decent amount of hair so I just went with el natural (I have no idea if I am even spelling that right, ha!). Well, there is just nothing like a bow on top of a sweet little girl's head, so we are in training. Yesterday she wore it almost all day (except during naps)... I know, may seem like something silly to get excited about, but oh well. We will see what happens next time we get all gussied up to go out :)

I know it looks like my child is eating all the time! I promise that is not the case... she is just easiest to catch when she is stopped for a snack.... otherwise she is moving!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Technically - SJ has flown before! And as well as I remember, she was a perfect angel on the plane!!!! Why are you so creative? You might need to patent that thingy! Have fun!