Sunday, March 6, 2011

11 months

Scarlett, In only 1 short month you will have been in our lives (out of utero!) for an entire year. How can this be? You are the sunshine of our everyday. We love you more than you will ever know. It is such a treat to watch you everyday. You crack us up all the time! Your laugh is addictive and your smile is so sweet. Here is what has been going on with you lately....

- You are wearing a size 4 diaper and size 18 (and some 24) month clothes.
- You LOVE to eat. You have gotten really good at feeding yourself. You eat all kinds of new things all the time, but your most favorite new food is pizza (in very small bites and very small doses, of course). You LOVE it -- just like daddy.
- You are still nursing really well so that means we will make it to our goal of 12 months, hooray!!!!

- You are BUSY. From the moment I get you out of your bed in the morning, you are on the go. Your new favorite thing that you have mastered is pushing your little cart around the house. We laugh and say, "Granny has to get her walker." If you want to get somewhere really fast you crawl, but you prefer to use your walker :)
- You went to the nursery at church this morning for the 1st time. We have been a little anxious about bugs that are going around... so we are starting a little late in some people's thinking. Mommy and Daddy were volunteering so we were with you the whole time. You were so good. You just played and stayed content, even though you missed your morning nap.
- You and Daddy like to pretend you are monsters. You growl back and forth and you just laugh and laugh. It is so cute and your Daddy loves it.

- You have just recently started sleeping REALLY well. Last night you slept 12 hours straight! I feel like a NEW WOMAN!!!!!
- You have 8 teeth! Quite a mouthful for such a little girl, but your smile is gorgeous.
- You talk up the storm all the time. The other day we were in the car and I try to make phone calls while driving since you are usually very content in your seat. Well, I was talking to a customer service person on the phone and you were chattin' it up in the back seat. I kept telling the lady my daughter was in the back seat and she finally said, "My, she has a lot to say." and I said, "Yes."
- You produce some pretty hilarious non-verbals. We always say you take after your Aunt Ryan in that category because she is quite expressive.

- You are into everything....the kitchen cabinets, drawers, boxes, shelves....
- You are very sweet. When I get you in the morning or after a nap, you just hug and hug on me... I love it!
- You are a little thinker. All day long, you study your toys and figure out how things work. You are good at stacking rings and are trying to figure out how to stack your blocks.

You are our little treasure. One of my favorite things to do when you and I are together is to scoop you up and whisper in your ear, "I love you, I love you, I love you... I am so glad you are my little girl." I hope that is something you will remember me saying to you your entire life.
You are so loved and cherished. Happy 11th month, Scarlett!

Oh, and I just have to show this picture of you from yesterday morning...

You are in your PJ pants Nonni made you and this is the face we have named your "flash face" because you are very good at anticipating the camera flash. ha!

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