Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Then & Now

I cannot believe how fast time is flying... I just have to do a little "Then & Now" for myself.... Only 6 short months ago Scarlett was sitting in her little highchair looking like this:

And this is what she looked like today...

I just cannot believe this! My sweet girl.

Aren't these little shoes she is wearing darling?
One of Mitch's classmate's wives makes these. They stay on so well and you can choose your own fabric. I am loving these!

Here is another little change. I wanted to de-clutter my kitchen window (and so many other things!) and add a little something new. So, in an effort to be resourceful, I used some fabric that was previously our shower curtain. ha!

Here is my cluttered window before:

And now:

I have a few things on my window sill I like to look at while I am washing dishes (which I feel like is 80% of what I do during the day!)...
Some pretty flowers, a quote about Jesus and a little picture of Mitch when he was young.

Hope you are enjoying some things you love today!

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