Monday, February 28, 2011

Mysteriousness and the little mover.

Well, my pity party is over. SOOOO sorry for that! I am actually a little embarrassed I even wrote about it... God truly does work in mysterious ways. No, the bike did not miraculously appear. It is gone. However, God has been showing me a lot of things and especially did so through yesterday's sermon. You can watch it here.
Don't you love the way the Holy Spirit works? I heard it referred to once as a gentle dove that lands on you heart and ever so gently flutters there as to say, "Hey, I want to tell you something." I have also experienced it as an elephant that plops right down, but I like the dove analogy better :)
Anyhow, I realized it is ok to mourn over the fact that this world is depraved and full of all sorts of godlessness...but what am I going to do about it? I will get back you on that!

Scarlett has recently become quite the little mover using the little walker my parents got her for Christmas. You can see just a little bit in this video... but mostly you can see how sweet our girl is :)

We enjoyed a low-key day just getting ready for the week ahead.

Here is our good little eater enjoying some of her dinner...

Let's all be sure to enjoy our food as much as this girl does!

Wishing y'all a great week!

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