Friday, February 25, 2011


Scarlett and I have not been able to make it to the play-dates we normally go to on Fridays the last couple weeks, so Kingston and Kristin came over for a little mini play-date. The moment Kristin brought Kingston through the door Scarlett could not wait to get her little hands on him. Kristin and I laugh and laugh! It is so fun to watch our sweet babies together. But, I have to tell you that it totally reiterates that Scarlett has NO knowledge of anyone else's personal space. She is just like her daddy. I tell Mitch ALL the time he is a "close talker." We had a fun time and then our families went out and ate pizza. Nothing like pizza on a Friday night! Here are our little cuties...

Kristin is probably having to fend off Scarlett here... she was determined!

We call this Scarlett's "flash face".... every time the flash on the camera would go off, she would make this face!

Thanks for a fun Friday, Kristin! I am so thankful for our friendship. Who would have known this time last year (when we were pregnant and HUGE (ok, maybe that was just me. ha!)) that we would be running after these sweet crawling babies just a year later!

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