Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Catching up.

Y'all, I have not blogged in a week... AH! I have got some catching up to do....

Here is the light of my everyday!

She is growing and changing so fast, I cannot believe it.
She is crawling all over the place and it is SO cute. I think this about almost every stage, but this might be one of my favorite stages thus far.

Is there anything better than sitting on your mama's bed in only your diaper and ruffle socks? I think not when you are almost 10 months.

We have been staying busy, but some nights I get in bed and can hardly remember what I even did all day! It just seems to be how it goes for us these days. Scarlett is definitely keeping me on my toes.

If you have been reading for a while you know we live in an old house (85 years) and try to do a lot of projects on it when we can. In November we started a "back-yard" overhaul which began with tearing down an old garage... you can read about it here and here. Well, we have picked back up on this project. Today there is a guy building a wooden storage shed out back. It is nothing big, 10' x 10' but it will be great for storing lawn equipment, etc. It is supposed to look like this when it is complete (after Mitch and I paint it :)... yikes) :

I think I can speak for all of us when I say I am ready for spring! It will feel so good to work outside in the sunshine.

One of Scarlett's new favorite things is loving on her "baby doll(s)." It cracks Mitch and I up. What is so funny is when she picks up her Singamigs and does it because they are far from being baby dolls. Ha! She pats them and then sets them (not very gently though) aside.

We recently got a Buy Buy Baby in town and I have been hearing great things about it, so Scarlett and I went yesterday because we needed to pick up a few things. It was really nice. It is owned by the same company as Bed Bath & Beyond and the store layout is the same. I would highly recommend it for new mommies.

We picked up a new, blow-up bathtub for Scarlett (thank you Kristin for the suggestion!). She needed it! We were still using her infant tub and she looked like she was sitting in a little canoe during bath time!

She liked her new tub. Bath time is one of our favorites parts of the day.

Mitch and Scarlett both have a little cold right now. Scarlett slept horrible last night and Mitch has Oral Surgery rotation all week so I was flying solo. He cracked me up when I came in our room at midnight and he sat up in bed and said, "Erin, you can lay down for a nap tomorrow... I am cutting flaps in people's gums and sewing them up all day..." Ha! That brought me some comic relief because I don't think he even knew what he was saying. I love that man. I am not going to lie, last night was awful. I was in tears at 1:34 a.m. in the rocking chair... I was praying and praying. She finally let me lay her down about an hour later. She woke up this morning with a major stuffy nose, bless her heart.

Oh and that whole, Erin can lay down for a nap... that has yet to happen.
Uh, I hear Scarlett waking up and better go check on our progress out back.
Hope you are having a great day!

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  1. YAY FOR THE RETURN TO THE BLOG WORLD!!!!!! HAHA, Mitch is so funny...If I had time, I would come up and baby-sit so you could nap. And if I wasn't asleep, you could have called me and cried. I love the Singamajigs! Can't wait to see the shed. Its February, so I will have to make my date to come up soon. Love the new Bathtub! Kisses and Hugs

  2. Scarlett!!!!! She is sooooo adorable & I miss her. Can't wait to see yall this weekend. Love you xoxo

  3. 2 of my most favorite people... KT and RYAN!!!! Thanks for your sweet words! Hopefully y'all will recognize me next time I see you despite my dark circles... :)
    KT- Yes, we need to get February's "12 months of SJ" on the calendar.
    Ryan - See you soon... I am needing my sissy big time right now.
    Love you both SO much.