Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Mitch and I love our house. It has been so fun to make it our own. It is an 86 year old bungalow so as you can imagine, it certainly has its blemishes. We try to fix what we can and look past what we cannot. That is kind of what you do when you love old houses I guess. Well, there is something that has been an eye-sore for us since the day we moved in... the "garage." If you can even call it that. We got really tickled when we had our home inspection almost 3 years ago and the inspector described the garage as "primitive." We laughed. It is definitely that... but we would probably say old and falling down. We have been hoping to do something about it sooner than later because we will probably move when Mitch is done with school. My Uncle Bill is a remodeler/builder here in town and has said he would help us figure something out. (Oh, by the way, have I mentioned that my Aunt Barbie and Uncle Bill and Elizabeth and Lyndsey have moved to the street beside us! We love it!!!!) Well I am here to announce that the day has come! They just delivered the dumpster this morning and we are almost under construction. For now that just means the garage is going "bye-bye." We are trying to figure out what would be in our best interest to do with the space. Continuing the fence is a must for Callie.... so we will see.

Here she stands... for only about 24 more hours!

So excited to see this go!!!!

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