Monday, November 15, 2010

Global Missions Health Conference

I have been away for a couple days... I got to go (and work, ha!) to one of my most favorite things -- the Global Missions Health Conference. It is an awesome conference where health professionals, missionaries, medical/dental students and organizations from all over the world come together in one place. It is the largest missions health conference in the country. You can learn more about it HERE. Well, I wish I could say that I took tons of pictures and cannot wait to share them, but I didn't. I am regretting that I did not even take my camera... but I was working so it would have been hard. We (Mitch and I and Scarlett some too) got to meet tons of amazing people and were so encouraged to hear about what God is doing around the world, specifically in using healthcare as a door-opener for the gospel.

After the conference was over, my parents had a get-together for lots of people who were either in town for the event or just some of their dear friends. So, it was really fun to see those people. Specifically we loved meeting little Evelyn Shore who is just 7 weeks old. She is pure preciousness! And then, a sweet lady/dentist that Mitch went to Uganda with this summer, Leigh, who reads my blog and knows about my obsession with smocking did the sweetest thing... she gave Scarlett 2 smocked Christmas dresses for next year! AH! It was so thoughtful of her because they were her little girl's dresses. I was so surprised and thankful. Thank you LEIGH!!!! xoxoxox.

Aren't they darling!?! So thoughtful.

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