Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deck the Halls

It is November 30th (my precious cousin Elizabeth's birthday!) and the Owen range is officially decorated for Christmas. Woohoo! I do love Christmas, but I don't think I could ever love the fesitivities as much as Mitch does. Seriously. All the time through out the year he looks at me and says, "it's almost Christmas Erin." My word. Well, we got our 3 big tubs out of the attic a couple days ago and let the elves go to work (that would be me!). It is especially fun to decorate because it is Scarlett's first Christmas. She loves looking at the Christmas tree. It is sweet to watch her little eyes glimmer as she looks at something that I may have thought was simply ordinary.

So, I realized today, as I wanted to take a few pictures to document Chrismas 2010 on the Owen range, that I have never done a post(s) about our house. I love our little bungalow and want to be able to look back on our home in years to come, so I will have to do a little "home showcase" one of these days. Plus, decorating is seriously one of my top 3 things so it would be fun to share.

Here is a little look at some of our Christmas cheer...

The bungalow. We will always cherish many memories here because it is our first house that is our very own. It is going on 86 years old so it has seen better days,
but that is what we love about it.

This is what you see entering the front door.

The mantel. Which reminds me.... I have GOT to find a stocking for SJ.

The dining room. One of my favorite additions to our home is this chandelier.
It was fun to give it some Christmas garb.

And here is the little angel in the highchair eating her cracker.

The crazy dog that sits under the highchair hoping for even a crumb to drop! Callie=nuts!

The Bybee Pottery that my mama adds to each year. It currently adorns the top of
the china cabinet (btw. the china cabinet is one of my favorite finds to date. $250 at a peddlers mall... I somehow talked the booth owner down.)

And then a couple months later this "dresser" showed up in the same booth! It was a Christmas present last year. It might be hard to see but there is a really special nativity scene from Kenya that my parents brought us... I love it.

Here is a closer look.

This is a nativity scene that my mother-in-law gave me the first year Mitch and I were married. I enjoy putting it up each year.

I had to show my precious friend Lori this.... she made it years ago and now it adds a little winter cheer in Scarlett's room!

And last but certainly not least... these are one of Mitch and I's most favorite Christmas treats... CUTIES. I picked these up at Sam's Club and the bag will probably be empty by the weekend. Yum, this is a healthy and delicious treat.

From our home to yours... Happy decorating!

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