Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An active girl and a few momentos

If Scarlett is not crawling big-time by Christmas I will be so surprised. She is SO active. It is so funny to think just a few months ago I could set her on the bed without even worrying about her moving an inch, but now she would be half way out the front door if I turn around. ha!

These green, mary-jane socks always crack me up because they make me think of Elphaba in Wicked. Those of you who have seen Wicked know what I am talking about!

I realized that I did not even put up any pictures of our Christmas tree. It is nothing to "write home about" really, but there are some ornaments on it that are momentos for us...

Baby girl.

A ducky my precious college roommate made to symbolize the "Ducky Suite"
where we lived in college. The duckies are my bff.

Our 1st Christmas as a married couple.

This one is very special. It might seem a little funny but to me it looks like an "angel baby." My mom gave it to us after we lost our first baby (through miscarriage) on Christmas Day 2008. This one always makes me cry when it goes on the tree.

Mitch! The soon-to-be dentist.

This one shows the names of our "life-group" from church. The girls take a trip to Gatlinburg, TN each year and pick an ornament at the Christmas Shop to commemorate the year together. I am sad I had to sit out on the trip this year, but can't wait until 2011!

This one was sent to Scarlett by my precious friend Laurelee. Last year we (along with Aunt KT) went to Disney World... it was Scarlett's first trip (in utero) so she sent her this ornament to commemorate her first trip! Love it.

Ok, I just realized maybe that was really dorky to sit there and show you all some of my ornaments... ha! I know my sister did not just read all of that because she always says, "Erin, Wordless Wednesday is always your best post." Thanks Ryan :)

Hope you are enjoying trimming your tree too!

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  1. The trees looks wonderful and I love the pictures of the ornaments, especially the Duck and Mickey ears!

  2. Aww, I love it! Your tree looks lovely.