Thursday, December 2, 2010


Here are some pictures of Scarlett before bath-time tonight...

"It is past my bedtime, mommy"

And suddenly she was gagging.... I thought she was going to throw up. Something I have learned as a mama --- be ready for anything.

So this is sweet. My precious friend Jill featured Scarlett on her blog today. She is the one who made SJ's darling pillow that was in her 7 month post. You can read Jilly's post HERE.

I had an "embarrassing moment" tonight. I am still not totally sure who reads this blog, but I figured that I can think of at least a handfull of my cherished friends who would read this and either commiserate with me or laugh. When Mitch got home today I asked him if we could go out and do a little Christmas shopping. Because he is "the best" he said yes. We headed to T.J. Maxx, where else?!?! Scarlett was looking cute (what is new?). Mitch was in his scrubs (what is new?). And I was in my jeans that I still do not feel totally confident in with a tunic top that greatly covered my waste-band (what is new? ha!). Well, we had been there a while and since Mitch decided NOT to bring in the stroller we were carrying our 24 pound bundle of joy. She was getting restless. We were walking through some final aisles and even stopped and had a conversation with a nice older couple who was very complimentary of Scarlett. We wished them "Merry Christmas" and headed to the check-out line which was of course packed. About then I felt a breeze on my belly button. I was quickly aware because that is something I have not felt in a while (like maybe the last time was on our Honeymoon in 2005, that is the last time I wore a bikini). Well, I looked down and sure enough my WHITE, FLABBY, "I gave birth to a 10 pound baby 8 months ago" belly was hanging out. AH! How did that happen? My tunic top failed me! HA! Plus, one of Mitch's classmates was standing in line and we had just been chatting it up with her. Seriously? Oh my. Merry Christmas T.J. Maxx shoppers and, no I am not dressed up as a snowman under my clothes! Just had to share.

Nighty, night.

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  1. Erin,
    This post made me laugh out loud! ;) I totally have been there before with the whole shirt thing showing the not so lovely belly! But, I think you look great! You are a beautiful mommy!

    Oh and I think your little girl gets cuter and cuter in every picture!

    Rachel Rainer

  2. Thanks Rachel! You are so sweet. I LOVE getting caught up with you guys on your blog... excited for your all's move. I have already asked Mitch if we can make a trip to visit you guys when you are settled :)

    Hoping all is well!

  3. HAHA...Funniest thing I've heard all day! The other day my friend Steph pulled down my shirt cause she thought my "white" underwear was showing and then she realized that it wasn't underwear it was my skin. She said she had never seen skin so white it her life!