Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday brain....

Warning... a bunch of this is just ramblings of my "saturday brain." At the end of the week after trying to manage every second of the day to its fullest, I just want to do what comes to mind. Can y'all empathize? I am a MAJOR list maker. I think at times it gets a little out of control, but that is how I stay sane.

Ok... we are anticipating a very fun visit from 2 members of the Ducky Suite today (and a duck-husband and little foster-duckling... yippee!). I will be sure to post about our little visit. * For any new readers... before you think I am crazy and close the page, the Ducky Suite is what myself and the girls I lived with in college have named ourselves. The story is actual quite simple. We decorated our bathroom (well, Tiffy did) with ducky decor and voila! -- We are the duckies. Simple, I know.

Mitch has been cracking me up lately. He has a new found obsession with Josh Groban's Christmas CD. For those of you who know Mitch, this is a little out of character. The story goes... we had a $10 off coupon at Joseph Beth and that is what he decided to purchase. So, anytime an errand needs to be run, he is johnny-on-the-spot so he can ride in the car and listen to Josh sing The First Noel. Oh Mitch, I love you. I need to remember this happy thought this week while he is studying for a cumulative Pharmacology and Oral Pathology test and won't give me any attention which always ticks me off! I know, believe it or not this sweet man can tick me off.

Ladies, before you go and open your email inbox today... BEWARE. The retailers are hitting it heavy today and almost got me. Seriously, I think every store is offering 40% off PLUS free shipping. AH! I was about to make a purchase online this morning when I yelled for Mitch. I said, "take this compute away from me... I don't even need to buy anything." Thank goodness his muscles are much bigger than mine because I had a death grip on this thing. So, you can't say I did not warn you...

Speaking of not needing anything.... there is something I have been wanting SO bad lately. When I say this you might wonder if this is really me typing. I want a new trash can. I know, how boring. Ha! I have had a stainless steel step thingy trash can that has been broken (thank you to my little bull in a china shop -- Mitch the darling) for 2 years. Before that, I had one that was also broken. Now, I am not wanting anything fancy just something that works a little better. Is that too much to ask? As I try to justify... how many times a day do I use the trash can? Only close to 10,000. But then again, it just holds our trash. Oh mercy.

Ok, my rambling has almost ended and to those of you who have made it this far - thank you, you are too kind. So, I decided this year for Christmas that I want to try to make a few gifts so they would be a little more personal. My decision -- fleece blankets. Quite simple. I had to go with simplicity (and I don't mean Simplicity patterns for your seamstresses out there. Ha! I don't even use patterns) because my mama has been in Africa for the last week, so I could not go running to her for help. Well, it has turned out well and has proved to be fun too. I have made 4 total and have 1 more to go. So, here is my point -- my house is covered with fuzz. I have found it everywhere. My lint roller almost caught fire earlier this week because I have had to use it so much. And, this morning after I got Scarlett out of her crib, I starting coughing because I had fuzz in my mouth. Goodness. Needless to say, I will be vacuuming TODAY.

And finally, I am burning this in my house today....

I found this picture online... unfortunately this little bungalow is not adorned with granite counter tops. This is Yankee Candle's Frosted Fir from the SoHo Living collection. It is the perfect blend of vanilla, tree, warmth... and other lovely things that I cannot put my finger on. I got it at T.J. Maxx yesterday for $9.99, holla! Aunt Barbie, Scarlett and I had a litte outing. Can you believe they let me back in T.J. Maxx after my almost-exhibitionist tendencies last time?! I was so glad.

Well, happy Saturday to you.

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