Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where is Scarlett?

How sweet is that little scream? We are addicted to it! Oh and by the way... Mitch is wearing a black ear warmer around his neck in this video... not a turtle neck, ha!

I am happy to say that I have not been "holding down the fort" quite as much. Mitch's dental class had a Christmas party yesterday evening and that was fun to attend. Scarlett enjoyed seeing lots of people and other children, but she did not do well after missing her bedtime. She got up 7 times last night. AH! So, I was intent on starting sleep training... well, night 1 was a bust. She cried (full bore) for a full hour. It was horrible. I wailed into my pillow for 75% of the time. My long-time friend Annie gave me a pep talk/instructions earlier today and then my sweet friend Kristin gave me moral support (she called in the middle of the crying and all I could get out was, "she just wants me to pick her up, bahhaha" I am sure Kristin was thinking she was talking with a crazy woman!). My limit was 1 hour, so at 8:28 (pm) I went in and picked her up. Sweet Scarlett... she hugged me for almost 5 minutes straight and would not let go. We have a strong willed girl on our hands. I am okay with that.... So, I bounced her to sleep. We will see what happens.

On another note... we enjoyed a fun visit from a dear friend Morgan today! Morgan was my intern for a year when I worked at our church. She is darling. It was a MUCH needed catch up.

Off to bed for me... hopefully I will dream of that sweet squeal!

Sweet dreams to you too.

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  1. We play the "Where's Aolani?" game too! And excitedly say, "There she is!" once she moves the covering :) Oh, and I (we) know the AGONY, the TORTURE, the TEARS (mine) from having her scream-cry forever it feels like too!! She has just started to not scream-cry anymore starting a week or two ago. This has just begun to help us (it didn't use to) -- but, when we put her in her crib awake, we go to and hug her, rub her back, and soothingly tell her it's time to sleep and we love her and pray over her briefly and we move calm and slow and reassure her. She cries once we close the door for 5-10 seconds and then plays to sleep! When you go back in, maybe (?) try to pat/rub/lay your hand on her instead of picking her up?? I don't know; every baby is so different!! But, I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD NEVER COME FOR US BUT IT DID! Persevere love!

  2. Thanks Aidan. When I went in at 5, 10 and then in 15 minute increments I did not pick her up. I just gave her her blanket and said, "It is time to go night, night." She would stop crying when I was there for a brief second and then wail when I left. We are re-evaluating things. How long did you all try letting her cry? 3-5 days or weeks? It is pure torture!!!!! Thanks for the encouraging words!

  3. You know I "SupperNanny"ed Addi when she wouldn't go to sleep for hours on end. Do I need to try SJ?

  4. KT, let's make a deal tomorrow!!!! Can't wait to see you.

  5. Praying for you!! It is so hard to hear your baby cry!! We do let Miss Evelyn cry it out - we started with naps and it seems to help with nighttime. We also don't pick Evelyn when we go back in the room. I used to pick her up but than the screaming cry would start all over again - so Jon had to make me stop!! :) She cries for about 8 minutes now before she goes to sleep. Sometimes she talks to herself after that for awhile too! By the way, you are blogs brighten my day!! We will love to get together with you guys sometime! (Emily and Evelyn)

  6. Hey Erin! I had to tell you that I was walking in Sam's Club today and I was holding Collin on my hip. I noticed I felt a breeze on my oh-so-flabby-white belly. I looked down and my shirt was pulled up and tucked nicely under Collin's leg!! I quickly pulled it back down and looked to see if anyone saw me. Luckily, I don't think anyone did. It made me think of you and your shopping story ;-)

    Jason and I let all 3 of our kids cry and learn to put themsleves to sleep. Trust me, the earlier you do it the better. It will also get easier with each kid you have. Collin has been a breeze when it comes to sleeping. Hang in there - it will get better! Love ya!

  7. Girls, girls, girls!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Your encouragement means SO much! We are devising our plan for how to move forward... I agree, it seems that in theory and from other's experience letting our little ones cry it out is best.

    Emily- I totally second that picking them up is not the answer. Way to go Jon. We would LOVE to get together with y'all too. We will be in town for Christmas... maybe we could do something then?

    Meredith- AH! I love that we can commiserate about what we don't want people to see under our shirts. Ha! Too funny. Thanks for the encouragement.

    I love you girls. It totally brightens my day to hear from you!