Monday, December 6, 2010

8 Months


Guess who is 8 months old today -- you! It is hard to believe. We have been saying for months, "When it is Christmas time Scarlett will be so grown up..." and here it is! You make us laugh all the time. Today in fact you were giggling so hard while I had you on the changing table that I started crying... not because I was laughing so hard but because you sounded so sweet. You melt our hearts all the time. You are SO observant and smart. We are amazed by you all the time. Here are some other things that are going on with you...

- You weigh about 24-25 pounds
- You wear size 3 diapers
- You wear size 12-18 month clothes
- You LOVE your paci and have gotten really good at putting it in by yourself.
- You are still nursing well (although we have had to overcome some things as you have become more active).
- You are (and always have been) a really good eater. You love most veggies and fruits and have recently started enjoying snacks that you can feed yourself like puffs, rice crackers, pieces of banana, etc.
- You are not crawling yet, but you are getting close. You have never loved being on your tummy so I wonder if that has something to do with it. You are a champ at sitting up and are trying to pull up on things you can (the side of your crib, mama's legs...)

- You talk all the time. We love to listen to you. You have recently started saying mama all the time and it is precious! You are really good at saying dada (that was your first word) You also say, nah-nah and bah-bah. We don't really know what those mean yet.
- You love to play with your little toy cellphone that Nonni bought you. It rings and I pretend answer it and hand it to you and you go to town! Usually you say dada....dada....dada over and over because when mama's phone rings it is always dada. It is so cute.

- You have really good dexterity. We cannot tell if you favor one of your hands yet but you are really good at picking things up and seem to be very coordinated.
- You are very much a mama's girl. That is okay though!
- You go nuts when dada comes home everyday. It is so sweet how excited you are to see him.
- You loved being at Nonni and Peepaw's house for Thanksgiving. I think it was because you got tons of attention. It was funny because every time we walked down the stairs after you had taken a nap or been changed or something you would get so excited as if you were thinking, "yeah! who is going to see me this time?"
- You love other children. We think it is hilarious how you instantly know they are "little" like you.
- You still put everything in your mouth which makes me crazy, but I know it is just a phase!
- You are a good daytime napper, but are just an ok sleeper at night.

- You are curious about everything. Anything we pick up you want to see.
- You are very strong willed but are so pleasant. We get really tickled at you sometimes because you do get frustrated about something you want but you don't yell or cry you just clinch your little fists as hard as you can and get red-faced and do a little growl.

We love you so much and feel like you are a little treasure from God. We pray that you will come to know Jesus and genuinely follow Him all of your life.

Love. xxoxo,
Dada & Mama

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