Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holding down the fort.

Scarlett and I had a low-key day today. I have been feeling a little under the weather with a cold, so we have not been out since Saturday. AH! Can someone say cabin fever? So, when Mitch got home tonight we ate dinner and ran to target for a few things. It was nice to get out but it was SO cold... no wonder we have been staying in.

Look at these 2 girls. These are my little sweeties (well the red-head definitely is, the little brown dog makes me crazy sometimes though).

Since we have been working on our "garage project" the fence is down in part of the backyard so we have to take Callie out on the leash each time she wants to go outside and she is wearing me out! For example, Scarlett was having a little snack in her highchair this afternoon when I heard Callie throwing up in the kitchen. Seriously, I thought I was going to just let her go like Free Willy. I can just imagine. Mitch would come home and Callie would not be trying to maul him before he can get both feet in the door (attention deprivation) and he would instantly know something is wrong. I could just look at him and say, "I freed Willy." Oh my, I may be off on a ridiculous rant now. This is what happens when you don't leave the house for 4 days and do laundry and dishes on end. Ha!

Scarlett's little personality is so sweet. I think she is a social girl at heart. I love it.

I don't know about y'all but I am already feeling the effects of winter because my skin is so dry! I think my knuckles are about to crack open. I have got to moisturize more. I love hearing about what products/remedies other people have found that work. Well my sister, Ryan, who is somewhat of a hippy (which I LOVE about her) got me the best lotion for Christmas last year. I like it so much that I think I have purchased close to a dozen bottles since:

It is great because it does not contain all the bad stuff (i.e. parabens, mineral oil, petroleum....) and is organic. It is light and has the perfect simple, fruity fragrance. I buy it here. It is a very reasonable price too!

Another winter must have... lip balm. This is what I love:

A sweet friend that I love told me about this great thing (Deanna, if you are reading... I miss you!) Mitch always laughs at this because it looks like a little Easter egg. Let me tell you, it works. I buy it a Walgreens.

Thanks for stopping by! It means so much to me that people even read this blog... it is so fun that I can be stuck at home for 4 days but get to share life with y'all.

Holding down the fort,

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