Monday, October 29, 2012

Making the most.

Our weekend was a little rough. Miss Scarlett ran a fever the whole time and had 3 tough nights. After a trip to the ER Sunday morning it was discovered that she does have an ear infection. The doctor's exact words were "a rip roaring" ear infection. I am so thankful for antibiotics! Anyhow, we tried to make the very most of our weekend... we still carved our pumpkins and painted some too.

Our little "patient" was in pretty good spirits.... 

And I decided to make Scarlett a trick-or-treat bag... I discovered a way to quasi applique just by following the perimeter of this pumpkin I cut out with my sewing machine. This is somewhat for my memory.... not necessarily a tutorial to follow :) 
1. Cut out shape to applique and pin to fabric. 

2. This is what I had my machine set to. 

3. You simply follow the outline feeding it through your machine. ** Remember to keep the needle down when raising the presser foot to "pivot" the fabric.**
You can see the finished product in our Halloween pics! 

My little pumpkin and her sidekick, baby Cinderella :)

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Friday, October 26, 2012

A little change of plans.

As of 1:00 p.m. yesterday Miss Scarlett has been running a pretty high temp. The thermometer read at 102.8 before I put her down for her nap (after giving her some motrin). Bless her little heart. We saw her new pediatrician for the first time yesterday afternoon and he was quite different from her doctor back in KY. For one he is young... I think our beloved pediatrician back home was pushing 80. Anyhow, there wasn't anything conclusive from our visit... we are just going to watch her. Her temp got up to 103.5 last night, oh it hurts a momma's heart! But I am so thankful for her health. I know there are lots of mommas who don't watch their babies get better. I am just praying God will heal her little body quickly. 
This is a couple weeks ago when we had a picnic lunch atop the treehouse at the playground. 

I will say I am thankful for a morning full of snuggles with her. I could just go on and on about how sweet she is! She kept wanting me to put my arm around her and she just wanted to lay in "mommy and daddy's bed."  

We were planning on attending 2 different Harvest festivals this weekend... We will be playing that by ear now... My dear friend Kristin always reminds me that as a mommy you have to be prepared to change your plans!
Here is the beautiful autumn sky here in South Carolina...

And because of the nature of Mitch's position with the Navy, we don't know how long we will be stationed here. For memories' sake, I took a few pictures of our fall decorations so we wil know what we did in fall of 2012.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the sun is up and so am i.

It's an early morning for us. Miss Scarlett has gone almost an entire week with no potty accidents!! She really wanted to wear big girl panties to bed last night. We said ok. Well, she woke up yelling "mommy" at 6 something because she had gone peepee in her bed. I know it won't be the last time this happens and I am certainly not upset with her. Anyhow, she is now up for the day... we have watched the sun come up and got an early start to this beautiful Wednesday. Aren't you thankful that the sun didn't just come up by chance today? The God of all creation who never slumbers has watched over each one of us all through the night. And now it is Wednesday, not just by coincidence but because God allowed breath in our lungs today. Thank you Lord! There is something about rising early to welcome the day He has made. 

SJ is enjoying her peanut butter waffle (a favorite of ours!) and watching Curious George. Breakfast and TV, that's something we never do! It's still a little dark in our house...

We go to Bible study this morning, so I started dinner in the crock pot because these usually make for kind of a long days. 
We are trying this new recipe tonight. 

We made a quick trip to the commissary yesterday afternoon after nap, which we usually never venture out after nap-time, and I am so glad our pantry is stocked for a little while. I say a little while because it seems like I need to go to the grocery every other day. But I am so thankful to have this job. 

Okay, a little confession this morning... I love candy corn. This jar used to be full. Yikes. 

Hoping whoever reads this feels the joy of a new day as the sun rises on your home too. 
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Monday, October 22, 2012

The butcher, the baker and the ROYAL DRESS MAKER...

Our resident royal dress maker, Nonni, has done it again! Cinderella is ready for her debut at the ball which will be our neighborhood Spooktacular on the 31st :) 

Can you tell that SJ loves it?

She had her final dress fitting with my mama while she was here with us and the dress fits like a glove.

THANK YOU NONNI!!! We love you so :)

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Once upon a time...When Nonni and Boo came to town.

We have had kind of an "off" weekend around here... Mitch has been on-call since Wednesday which spans over a week's time and means he stays longer hours at the clinic and has to be available for anything that comes up over the weekend.  He ended up getting 5 separate calls on Saturday and Sunday. It was not the weekend we were expecting. But he won't have to do that again until after the first of the year. It was hard to explain to Miss Scarlett why Daddy had to rush out the door really quickly over and over, but by the 3rd time it happened on Saturday and I explained Daddy had to go help somebody because their tooth was hurting she looked at me and said, "Are they frying (crying)? Daddy help them?" And then she smiled. She is a total character these days I seriously have an entire 8.5x11" page full of the hilarious things she has said to me over the past 2 weeks. I will record it on here soon! 

So, onto our main feature... Once upon a time, not so long ago... Nonni and Boo came to (as Scarlett calls it) "our South Carolina house." And we had a blast.  

We enjoyed this wonderful visit from my parents the week before last. It already seems like it has been a month. We mostly love spending time at home together and running around in our neighborhood. But Mitch took 1 day off work to spend with us so we went out on the town!
We started off in downtown Beaufort. We looked around in some shops and Scarlett played on the waterfront.

Then we grabbed lunch at what we think might be our favorite very yummy restaurant.
Boo likes watermelon too :)

I just think my mama is so beautiful!!! 

How hilarious are these two bobbsey twins?

 Then we hit the road for Charleston... None of us had ever been before. 

It was just as pretty as we had heard and I don't think we even saw the stunning areas. 
Here are Boo and Scarlett in the old train station that is now the visitor's center. 

Our main prerogative was to go to the Children's Museum because we had heard great things. 
It was really good, but a lot smaller than I expected. Scarlett played with the boats in the water room....

She even rode on her own pirate ship...

We did a couple other fun things... but the art room was definitely our favorite part! 

This is a Nonni original. It now hangs in SJ's little play-closet in her room :)

The easel was like a whole new world for this girl... We have never painted at home (crazy, I know!) so she loved this! 

We grabbed a quick dinner at U.S. Navy Fleet Landing in honor of our very own Naval Officer and it was yummy too. The salmon and shrimp tartare...outta this universe!   

The rest of our time together we pretty much spent just soaking up time with one another... swimming, golf, a little date out for Mitch and I, sewing... What people around here like to call "low country living." 

Yes, the grown men love the baby pool. Ha! 

And then the sun had to set on our little visit...

Nonni and Boo, this was certainly one for the books! We love you so much and miss you already. 

You are very loved by this sweet girl...
Scarlett is wearing another Nonni original. Her mousey-pumpkin dress for fall which happens to be sleeveless because we are having no drop in temperature here thus far! 

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