Sunday, May 30, 2010

We have a little sickie

We knew this day would come... Scarlett has a little cold. It is pitiful. She has been running a low-grade fever but woke up this morning with congestion and a cough. Bless her heart. So, her daddy and I have been trying to do whatever we can to make her comfortable. Her sweet daddy made a Target run and found some things that have been very helpful...

Meet Mr. Elephante (as we have named him). He is a "Crane" cool mist humidifier who has come to visit Scarlett's nursery for the next couple days!

Product Image Crane Elephant Cool Mist Humidifier

Another very helpful item since there is not much you can give an almost 2 month old...
I love everything I have tried made by this "Little" brand.

Product Image Children's Little Noses Nasal Spray - 1 oz.

Even though our girl is feeling a little under the weather, she is still so sweet and smiley. We have found the most helpful thing is actually priceless... good old fashioned TLC. Please say a little prayer for our doll baby if you think about her.

*A special thanks to my sweet friend Leslie Vaughn who took my "Help! I don't know what to do!" phone call at 9:00 on a Sunday morning. Thank you, Leslie... we love you guys!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Can someone please hand me a microphone?

Because, as you can see, I know just where to hold it...

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Friday, May 21, 2010


Scarlett and I have been having lots of conversations lately. Talking is her new favorite thing. She is quite expressive. Just wanted to share some of her sweet faces....

Strike a pose, girl!

"Oh Daddy, you keep taking my picture!"

Now, I have to be honest. I am a little sad today.... My precious family (that would be my mom, dad, ryan and chaz) are all together without Mitch, Scarlett and I. They have begun the cross country trek with Chaz's fraternity brothers. So, right about now Chaz is in Oceanside, CA preparing to pedal across the country for 6 weeks. Mom, Dad and Ryan are in Denver, CO picking up an RV! Haha! They will drive to CA, and follow the guys back to Denver. It sounds like such a fun adventure!!!! I would love to be there, but cannot imagine taking Scarlett on an airplane! So, we will have to sit this one out. Just holding down the fort here in KY! What Chaz and his brothers are doing is pretty amazing -- visit for more information. They need all the support they can get. Please pray for their safety.


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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today Scarlett and I had a very fun outing. We went and visited my friend Kristin and Scarlett's friend Kingston. Scarlett and Kingston are a little over 2 weeks apart. It was so nice to get out of the house and visit with a dear friend as we are experiencing similar things right now. Of course, we were so busy trying to keep our little ones happy that we never even got a picture of our time together! Hahaa! But, I thought it would still be fun to post what pictures I do have... even if it is just a little trip down memory lane for Kristin and I.

Here is Kristin and I in Panama City, FL We were sponsors on the high school spring break trip at church. This was 2 years ago.... hard to believe!

So much has changed...Now we have babies!!!

This is Kingston... isn't he darling?

Love you Kristin! So glad we are in this together.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Morning Goodness

We enjoyed a nice Saturday morning together today as we took a little walk down memory lane. We drove out to Wilmore which is where Mitch and I began our married life together when we were students at Asbury College. We wanted to show Scarlett some of our old "stomping grounds." We began the morning with breakfast at a place called Main & Maple.... which was new to us. It was delicious and the atmosphere was very fun. Then we rode through Wilmore and looked at the 2 places we lived while we were there. My how times have changed! It did feel for a moment like we were going home. Mitch and I talked about how life was when Wilmore was our home and smiled about how much has changed since. Our favorite thing to do when we lived there was to drive out to Centennial Park and stroll together. It is a very nice park behind the city where they have a playground, basketball court, frizby-golf and a big track to walk on. We took Scarlett on a little walk. It was a beautiful morning....

Main & Maple

My handsome date.

Our little sweetie-pie. She just rested peacefully while we ate and talked.

My handsome date and his LARGE amount of food!

Belgian waffles with strawberries and pecans... yummy!

Taking a look around.

Downtown Nicholasville.

Soaking in the scenery.

Taking a little doze during our walk.

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Our little Chatty Cathy

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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Scarlett gave me tickets to go see Wicked for Mother's Day! Mitch and I went last night and it was amazing. I want to learn all the songs so I can sing along next time. If you have the opportunity to go see it, DO!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

6 Weeks

Six weeks have come and gone! Scarlett, you are more beautiful than we could ever have imagined. Your smile warms your Momma and Daddy's heart. You are the greatest joy we have ever experienced. It is hard to believe you have been here for 6 weeks, but it is also hard to believe we ever lived without you! We love you so.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day/Baby Dedication

What a joy-filled day we had... I will share! Sunday morning we awoke early to get ready to participate in Baby Dedication at church. It was a special time that was made even more special by the dress Scarlett wore for her dedication. Mitch's mom, Lisa, had an idea several months ago that is very touching. She had her wedding gown taken apart and made into a dress for all of her granddaughters to wear when they are dedicated. How special. So, it was Scarlett's honor to be the first to wear it. It was a beautiful sight. I have to tell you something funny though.... our little princess had a HUGE blowout in her diaper moments before we were supposed to go on stage with the dress on! Needless to say, it was rather disastrous but we made it (and the dress was kept clean as a whistle). My Aunt Barbie, Uncle Bill and cousins Elizabeth (who is getting ready to graduate from high school, yeah!) and Lyndsey were also present for Scarlett's dedication. After dedication, we (my family (minus Chaz...boohoo) and Mitch's family) came back to our house for a Mother's Day lunch and relaxed afternoon together. It was so nice to be together and celebrate Moms. My 1st Mother's Day was a sweet one and I will cherish the memories forever.
I cannot help but think about what Mother's Day was like last year.... and as I think about any of you ladies who SO desire nothing more than to be Mothers, I have to share. I know I have talked about this before, but there is nothing I wanted more last year than to be a mommy. So, as you can imagine, Mother's Day last year was in many ways a celebration of what I did not have. But, what a generous God we serve and what a difference a year makes. So, I want to say this to any of you who may have experienced a Mother's Day similar to what mine was like last year -- Time heals a multitude of pain and our Heavenly Father LOVES to give us gifts, wonderful gifts at that! So, if that is you, I prayed for you. Sit tight, HE has a plan and loves you so.

Here are some pictures of our fun day together...

Pure sweetness.

A very special picture of Grandma and her dress with our girl.

Thank you Lord for giving us Scarlett. We want to raise her in a way that honors you.

Okay, so this is not the best picture of Scarlett (she was having a little meltdown!), but I wanted you all to see how beautiful the dress is. I plan on doing a little "photo shoot" with her another time so we can have some better pictures.

Pawpa and Grandma

Peepee and Nonni

Mitch and Ashton

Lyndsey, Elizabeth and Ryan

Uncle Derek joined us as well.

Mitch and Kavin aka Corn-hole specialist

Okay, I LOVE this picture... look at Isabella. HA!!! What is that girl doing? She is hilarious! She claimed all of the blue corn-hole bags as her "super-babies." She carried them around, rocked them, changed their diapers... and I think she even took them on a trip to the zoo (which was a walk to the backyard to see Callie, ha!!) Their names were hilarious: Lady Gaga and Lord Baba. I think she had some help with those names!

There is Miss Izzy and her babies... too cute!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

1 Month

Where has the time gone? Our little Scarlett is already one month old. It seems like it was yesterday that the doctor held her up over the blue curtain and we saw her sweet face for the first time... my how it has changed! We have been wild about her from the moment her little life began 10 months ago. If only we could have imagined...

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010