Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Morning Goodness

We enjoyed a nice Saturday morning together today as we took a little walk down memory lane. We drove out to Wilmore which is where Mitch and I began our married life together when we were students at Asbury College. We wanted to show Scarlett some of our old "stomping grounds." We began the morning with breakfast at a place called Main & Maple.... which was new to us. It was delicious and the atmosphere was very fun. Then we rode through Wilmore and looked at the 2 places we lived while we were there. My how times have changed! It did feel for a moment like we were going home. Mitch and I talked about how life was when Wilmore was our home and smiled about how much has changed since. Our favorite thing to do when we lived there was to drive out to Centennial Park and stroll together. It is a very nice park behind the city where they have a playground, basketball court, frizby-golf and a big track to walk on. We took Scarlett on a little walk. It was a beautiful morning....

Main & Maple

My handsome date.

Our little sweetie-pie. She just rested peacefully while we ate and talked.

My handsome date and his LARGE amount of food!

Belgian waffles with strawberries and pecans... yummy!

Taking a look around.

Downtown Nicholasville.

Soaking in the scenery.

Taking a little doze during our walk.

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