Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day/Baby Dedication

What a joy-filled day we had... I will share! Sunday morning we awoke early to get ready to participate in Baby Dedication at church. It was a special time that was made even more special by the dress Scarlett wore for her dedication. Mitch's mom, Lisa, had an idea several months ago that is very touching. She had her wedding gown taken apart and made into a dress for all of her granddaughters to wear when they are dedicated. How special. So, it was Scarlett's honor to be the first to wear it. It was a beautiful sight. I have to tell you something funny though.... our little princess had a HUGE blowout in her diaper moments before we were supposed to go on stage with the dress on! Needless to say, it was rather disastrous but we made it (and the dress was kept clean as a whistle). My Aunt Barbie, Uncle Bill and cousins Elizabeth (who is getting ready to graduate from high school, yeah!) and Lyndsey were also present for Scarlett's dedication. After dedication, we (my family (minus Chaz...boohoo) and Mitch's family) came back to our house for a Mother's Day lunch and relaxed afternoon together. It was so nice to be together and celebrate Moms. My 1st Mother's Day was a sweet one and I will cherish the memories forever.
I cannot help but think about what Mother's Day was like last year.... and as I think about any of you ladies who SO desire nothing more than to be Mothers, I have to share. I know I have talked about this before, but there is nothing I wanted more last year than to be a mommy. So, as you can imagine, Mother's Day last year was in many ways a celebration of what I did not have. But, what a generous God we serve and what a difference a year makes. So, I want to say this to any of you who may have experienced a Mother's Day similar to what mine was like last year -- Time heals a multitude of pain and our Heavenly Father LOVES to give us gifts, wonderful gifts at that! So, if that is you, I prayed for you. Sit tight, HE has a plan and loves you so.

Here are some pictures of our fun day together...

Pure sweetness.

A very special picture of Grandma and her dress with our girl.

Thank you Lord for giving us Scarlett. We want to raise her in a way that honors you.

Okay, so this is not the best picture of Scarlett (she was having a little meltdown!), but I wanted you all to see how beautiful the dress is. I plan on doing a little "photo shoot" with her another time so we can have some better pictures.

Pawpa and Grandma

Peepee and Nonni

Mitch and Ashton

Lyndsey, Elizabeth and Ryan

Uncle Derek joined us as well.

Mitch and Kavin aka Corn-hole specialist

Okay, I LOVE this picture... look at Isabella. HA!!! What is that girl doing? She is hilarious! She claimed all of the blue corn-hole bags as her "super-babies." She carried them around, rocked them, changed their diapers... and I think she even took them on a trip to the zoo (which was a walk to the backyard to see Callie, ha!!) Their names were hilarious: Lady Gaga and Lord Baba. I think she had some help with those names!

There is Miss Izzy and her babies... too cute!

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