Sunday, May 30, 2010

We have a little sickie

We knew this day would come... Scarlett has a little cold. It is pitiful. She has been running a low-grade fever but woke up this morning with congestion and a cough. Bless her heart. So, her daddy and I have been trying to do whatever we can to make her comfortable. Her sweet daddy made a Target run and found some things that have been very helpful...

Meet Mr. Elephante (as we have named him). He is a "Crane" cool mist humidifier who has come to visit Scarlett's nursery for the next couple days!

Product Image Crane Elephant Cool Mist Humidifier

Another very helpful item since there is not much you can give an almost 2 month old...
I love everything I have tried made by this "Little" brand.

Product Image Children's Little Noses Nasal Spray - 1 oz.

Even though our girl is feeling a little under the weather, she is still so sweet and smiley. We have found the most helpful thing is actually priceless... good old fashioned TLC. Please say a little prayer for our doll baby if you think about her.

*A special thanks to my sweet friend Leslie Vaughn who took my "Help! I don't know what to do!" phone call at 9:00 on a Sunday morning. Thank you, Leslie... we love you guys!

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