Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fly by....

Yesterday two of the duckies came in for what I will call a little "fly by" because it always goes by too quickly. It was so fun. Beth (who was my room-mate in college), her husband (Josh) and their almost 3 year old foster son (who we will call "E") were in town so it gave us a great excuse to get together. Aunt KT came in a little early bearing many gifts for Scarlett... they were all so cute and thoughtful.

Scarlett's favorite part was eating the paper. ha!

While we were waiting on Beth and her crew KT, Scarlett and I headed to Target. It was a mad-house! But, guess what? I got a new trash can for my kitchen. It was the cheapest, most simple step-can they had, but who cares! It is the little things in life.
Then we all met up at our favorite Mexican Restaurant. Nothing says "fellowship" like warm chips and salsa. After a delicious meal and fun conversation, we came back to our house and let the kids play. Scarlett wanted to get ahold of "E" SOOO badly. He was sweet. It made me think that Scarlett needs some playmates... a little brother would be perfect. But, that is no where in the near future!

I am SO incredibly thankful for these precious friends... God had something special in mind for each of us when he put us in Kresge 1st West together over 7 years ago (that is crazy it has been that long!!!!!)

(Please excuse my bad hair day... it was a Saturday hairdo. ha!)

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  1. There is nothing I love better than being with you girls! Had so much fun!