Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And it begins!

Please excuse my absence!!! The Owen range has now gone mobile, so I am having a harder time sitting down and chronicling our daily happenings. We are on the go. To describe our Christmas/New Year "break" in one word would be -- FULL. Mitch finished his semester well and it definitely goes down in the books as the hardest semester thus far. I know he is SO glad it is behind him. We are enjoying some much needed time together.

To hit everything we have been up to would require a lot of filling in the gaps... so I will just pick up where I can remember.

We have now taken 1 trip to the Bass Pro Shop and have 1 more on the agenda. That's right, my family is on the verge of having what Chaz has deemed, "A red-neck Christmas." Today, my Dad was telling my mom (as she was saying she needs to finish her Christmas shopping) that all we need to do is go to Bass Pro... his exact words were, "They have everything you need." Oh my. I will definitely have to take my camera for our next trip. I have a feeling it will be worth documenting. To be honest though, it really is a fun place. It is decorated beautifully for Christmas and there is so much to look at. If you are looking for a fun date night, I would recommend it. Ah!!! Listen to me. Are they rubbing off on me? I guess it is just in the blood.

Before we left our bungalow, we received a surprise package from FedEx. Christmas presents from Gran (Mitch's Grandma)! It was such a treat! Gran is a faithful reader... so I wanted to be sure and post our "thank you" pictures... Thank you, Gran! We loved everything (as you can see). We just wish we were together this Christmas.

I think Scarlett's favorite part of Christmas gifts this year might be the paper... she has had many paper wads removed from her mouth already.

There is a really neat ministry in my hometown to Nepalese refugees. On Sunday, we went to a sale where the Nepalese women sell goods they have made. They are excellent at knitting and crocheting. We got 2 winter hats for Scarlett with little flowers to go with them. Here she is having a little snack this morning with one of her hats on.

Aren't these ladies talented? I just thought this hat was so cute. I am going to check and see if there is a website or some other way to get their work than local sales... if I find something I will be sure to post it.

I hope that you are having a wonderful almost Christmas. From our 'home' to yours, much love & joy!

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  1. Bass Pro. I am absolutely positive that the Vittitows and Veazeys are cut from the same mold!

    I love that you keep this updated. Love the new hats!

  2. LV, that is SO true!!!! I could totally see all of us strolling through the wilderness wonderland together. ha! Please tell your darling family hello and Merry Christmas!