Sunday, November 7, 2010

clip & curl and a meal fit for a king.

I got a new hair-do this week, but haven't had the chance to share:

Short!!! I have always loved short hair... and there is nothing like a fresh, new look so I did it! I think I cut close to 8 inches off. I LOVE my hair dresser -- Erika. She was my high school D-group leader and is a precious friend. You can find her at Twisted Salon in Louisville.

This picture is Scarlett and I before church this morning. It was so nice to have an extra hour this morning due to Daylight Savings. But, boy OH boy did it make for a crazy evening. Seriously, from 5:00 -7:00 pm tonight our house was like something out of a horror film! Ha! Scarlett is getting 2 teeth now so that only added to the plot.

Well, tomorrow is a special day... Mitch's Birthday!!!! I have been prepping for his birthday dinner all afternoon... here is what is on the menu per the birthday boy's request:

Cheese Burgers
Poppy Seed Salad
Green Bean Casserole
Sweet Kernel Corn
Seasoned Oven Potatoes
and for dessert
Chocolate Pie

Now the Chocolate Pie, I have to admit, always intimidates me. It is his favorite but I simply cannot make it as well as his Gran does. So, I always forewarn him. Well, today I decided to just do it. I used my Great Grandma's recipe. It is in the fridge chilling all night. The verdict won't be in until tomorrow evening but it is looking hopeful....

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  1. I love you with long hair and I love you with short hair! But I really love this picture! Happy Birthday to Mitch tomorrow!

  2. Erin - I spoke with Ryan recently and was telling me about how you progressing the short hair decision. You always look adorable but I especially love the shorty hair. Scarlett is just so cute and I love your blog (I stalk it every once in a while).

    Hopefully I will get to see you over the Holidays.

  3. KT- Thank you!!!! xoxoxo

    Katherine- Yes, I do hope we can see each other over the Holidays. I hear exciting things are happening in your life! Thanks for stopping by... I miss you.

  4. Short Hair Sissy & Happy Sweet Scarlett!!!!!!!

    I love you all & miss you!
    See ya @ GMHC