Sunday, November 21, 2010


I often wonder how mama's with any more than one child get anything done. I mean, nap time already feels like a sprint everyday for me so I can only imagine! Well, sometimes when I need to put in some laundry or brush my teeth (which, as you other mamas know usually does not happen before 12:00 noon on a good day), I put Scarlett in her crib to play and make sure Callie is corralled somewhere. Here are my girls in their brief "captivity" today ---

It's not so bad, right! How is a girl to get something done? When I asked my mom this question a couple weeks after having Scarlett, she laughed. And in her sweet voice she said, "Honey, you have to prioritize. There were many days when you all were young that we stayed in our pajamas until 3:00 pm. But, nothing was as important to me as playing with you all and giving you attention." I often think of that conversation when I start to have a mini panic attack because I have not accomplished any house work. I think that was the same conversation where I asked my mom when I would get my life back in order and she laughed and said, "my life has not been in order for the last 28 years." Ha! Thanks mom!

Here are a few more of little missy...

"Ready to come out mama!"
"Oooo, that would be fun to play with while I am in here!"

We had a nice Sunday. Church was great. Mitch had to come home and hit the books so Scarlett and I ran to Target for a few staple items. It seemed like the entire city was out... probably because it was a beautiful day and everyone was Christmas shopping! I am almost done decorating our house. But I have seriously got to get going on our gift list! ah!

I don't know about y'all but I am looking SO forward to Thanksgiving this week... it is so close!

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