Friday, November 26, 2010


I am back! I plunged beneath the surface of Thanksgiving gatherings, food and relaxation, but I have now come back to the surface!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays. It is perfect for putting things into perspective.

We enjoyed a nice gathering with our family... which we are very thankful for, but still missed those who we are separated by with many miles. As Memaw (Mitch's grandmother and my kindred spirit as we like to say) always says, "Why does it seem like we have to cross the Great Divide just to see each other?" Oh my, she is darling.

Scarlett enjoyed her first Thanksgiving, though she won't experience the smorgasbord until next year since she is still eating just baby food and mama's milk. She already loves being with her family. She enjoyed watching the action at Mitch's parents' house as there are people almost her size... She loves all the attention she gets at all of her family gatherings, but what girl wouldn't? ha!! I have to be candid... I was so immersed in visiting, eating, trying to help my mama that I did not get even 1 picture of Scarlett on Thanksgiving Day. She looked so cute in her little red, sweater dress... oh well!

Mitch and I are so thankful for the Lord's unfathomable grace in our life. We talk about it daily. This year we are particularly awe struck by the precious gift He gave us -- Scarlett.

This bib Scarlett is wearing is very special. My sister, Ryan, made it for Mitch and I when we were hoping and praying for God to give us a baby. This bib hung in my room for almost a year as a symbol of what we were hoping for before we found out we were pregnant. This is actually the first time we put it on Scarlett and how fitting because it reminds us of our gratefulness.

Aunt Ryan, the artist! Thank you, Sissy, for always encouraging me. I love you so.

Here are some pictures of our time together.....

Lovin' from Nonni and Peepaw.

Playing some tunes with Daddy while wearing a beret, ha!

That beret caused some hair-do!

Uncle Chaz taught Scarlett how to turn the lights on and off...

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! So thankful for precious friends near and far that we get to share life with through this blog.


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