Monday, November 1, 2010

SACC Fall Festival

We took our little owl to the Fall Festival at church tonight and saw many of our sweet friends. It was a fun night... they had trick-or-treating, food, games, big blow-up toys, etc. It is something I know Scarlett will really enjoy as she grows. Here are some pictures of our time at Treasure Island (that was the theme!).

Scarlett looked like she was flying with her little wings!

Derek (Mitch's college room mate/best friend) volunteered to run a game. He made his game VERY fun for the kiddos. This is our sweet friends' little girl playing.

2 pirates... Miranda and Natalie (sweet friends that I love)

Ha! Miranda totally put a tootsie roll on her tooth... she played the pirate role well!

The Owlette.

And, now onto Thanksgiving. My personal favorite.

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  1. How much do I love the Owlette picture?! Like alot!