Monday, February 7, 2011

10 Months


The past month has gone by at record speed and you are 10 months!!! A lot has happened since you turned 9 months... Here is what is going on with you:

- You are wearing 12-18 month clothes.
- You wear size 4 diapers.
- You are still nursing really well which I am SO thankful for.
- You love to eat... nothing new there! You are eating all kinds of fun, new things. You especially love cheese, yogurt and chicken/turkey breast.
- You have got a mouth full of teeth! You have 7 teeth right now, but that could change at any moment :)
- You are learning to drink out of a sippie cup, but are still getting the hang of it.
- You are just a sporadic little sleeper, but you are sleeping SO much better... both for naps and at night. Daddy and I are SO thankful.

- You are so happy and content. You rarely get flustered enough to cry so if you do we know something is going on.
- You love people. The other day at the grocery store an older man was standing beside us at the deli and he was talking to you saying, "Hey there blue eyes." And you gave him the biggest grin. It was so sweet. I could tell it made his day. You are a ray of sunshine in so many people's lives!

- You are crawling all over the place! And you pull up on everything!!! It still cracks me up how quickly you get where you want to go.

- You babble all the time. You LOVE to say "da-da" all the time.... but you say mama all the time too, so I cannot complain :)
- You love bath time. Your new bath tub gives you tons of room and you love it.

- You love to dance whenever you hear music. It is so cute.
- You LOVE other babies/children. Last time we were visiting with Kingston and Kristin I discovered something... you have your Dad's very lax view on other people's personal space. You were all up in Kingston's face... I will have to watch you closely!

- You play so well. You play hard though. I am having a hard time getting used to seeing a few bruises or scratches on my baby girl's face, but you are tough! You might fall down, but you get right back up and go after whatever you were doing. You are definitely strong willed... but sweet.
- You really enjoy looking through books. "Lift the flap" books are your favorite right now.

- You roll your tongue all the time. It makes me laugh so hard because you always roll your tongue when you cough. Drama!! It is very funny.
- You are very expressive. Your eye brows already have a lot to say. It looks like you may have inherited Aunt Ryan's non-verbals... watch out world!!!
- All day long you look at me and say (very inquisitively) "Ah?" It makes me smile every time. It is like you are saying, "What is this.... what are we doing now?"

Every month we cannot believe how much you have changed and how much more we love you!!! You are the light of our lives!!! We thank God for you all the time. You are a precious, precious girl to us and so many others.

Only 2 more months and you will be 1 year! AH!

We love you so our sweet Scarlett.
Mama and Dada

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