Saturday, February 26, 2011

A thief and Saturday visitors.

We woke up to something not so good Saturday morning..... Mitch's bike (his primary mode of transportation because we are a 1 car family) had been stolen. It was taken right off of our front porch. The thing about our front porch is that it is practically another room in our house because we love to be out there so much. It felt so eery knowing that someone had done this. It is sad because Mitch uses his bike everyday. It was actually a gift from my parents for Mitch's college graduation. He has ridden it since the very beginning of dental school. I cannot tell you how many times a week friends text me and say, "I just saw Mitch on his bike!" He rides it all the time. Well, I know there are MUCH worse things in life and I am totally not trying to have a pity party here.... I just really let it ruin my day and now I hate that I did that.
Here is Mitch with his bike after he first got it...

One of the reasons I am so frustrated with myself that I let it effect me so much is because some of my favorite people came to visit. Ryan rode in town with her darling room mate Crista who had an interview at UK's med school (Hi Crista, if you are reading!!!). And then KT came up too. We worked on Scarlett's birthday invitations (I know, I know... it is not for a while, but I wanted to hand make them so we had to get started!) I am just so made at myself for letting the whole bike thing ruin our afternoon together. This might sound stupid, but I learned so many lessons just from this bike being stolen.

Here we are hard at work on the invites! I will be sure to post more soon about Scar's party planning.... I will divulge the theme, it is based off of a little smocked bishop dress I got her for Christmas that is pink and white gingham with zebras!

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  1. Sorry about Mitch's bike! That really stinks! people....