Saturday, March 19, 2011

Water and a birthday.

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I cannot think of a better way I could have celebrated than being with my family that I love so much (minus Chaz, of course!). We had a really fun, action packed day centered around lots and lots of water. My mom was so sweet to watch Scarlett for the first part of the day (which I know they both loved). So, my dad, Ryan, Mitch and I set off on a day of adventure! I have to say, listening to me describe this day sounds nothing like what I would have thought of doing on my birthday, but I loved it! We started out by kayaking through the beautiful Mangroves at Florida's John Pennekamp State Park. It was breath taking. Such a display of God's amazing creation. This might sound silly, but I wanted to see a Manatee SO bad. I did a science project on Manatee in the 4th grade and have been fascinated by the 'sea cow' ever since. We did not see one though. After we finished our Mangrove tour we headed out 5 miles to sea to snorkel! This is one of my favorite things. We had to do something that I did not like though... wear a wet suit. Yea, that is a "gut check" in every since of the term!

We had to document it though! So here I am with my favorite sister!

And oh my word, the boys were cracking us up in there suits. Quite a sight for both of these MEN.

We could not take the camera with us on the boat, so we will have to remember what we saw. It was so beautiful. We saw tons of Parrot Fish, Barracuda and all kinds of beautiful little reef fish.

When we got back Scarlett was all dressed up for a birthday celebration for her mama!
I love this little outfit on her! My mom is so thoughtful because she knows this is my favorite. If I could, I would dress her like this everyday. Mitch says it looks like a bathroom rug, ha!

WARNING, I did not fix my hair or put makeup on because that is one of my favorite things about vacation... who cares about that stuff!

Here I am with my sweet girl that was still in my belly this time last year. She is the greatest joy I could have ever asked for.

And the love of my life, Mitch. What would we have done this time last year if we could have pressed 'fast forward' and seen just a snap shot of our doll baby here? I know, passed out from being overwhelmed with love and excitement!

And I did get to see a Manatee like I was hoping... just not like I had planned. My parents got these 2 puppets for Scarlett and I. Meet Georgia, the manatee and Mr. Turtle Dude, the sea turtle (as we have named them)! We have some sweet friends who have 2 puppets that interact with their kids all the time and it is SO cute, so they inspired us to get some for Scarlett (Heather R. if you are reading... I am talking about Koala Bear and Quack Duck at your house!)

I had a really nice birthday and was so thankful to celebrate it with ones I love so much.

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