Sunday, March 20, 2011

Key Largo... Montego... Baby why don't we go?

Well, we are back and had a wonderful trip. I am trying to catch up with my blogging! And, oh, the laundry! Well, here it goes....

We stayed in Key Largo, FL last week and could not have asked for more beautiful weather. It was like a dream, truly. Scarlett was an EXCELLENT traveler and the activity mat turned out to be a huge success along with the Biscoff cookies the Delta flight attendants passed out, ha! We were all so impressed with Scarlett's ability to "go with the flow." She missed countless naps and was still a champ. Here is our little traveling girl...

Here we all are (minus Mitch who was playing photographer) cruising through the Keys. We went to several of the different Keys. It was very different than what we have seen of the rest of Florida. It was very Caribbean feeling. Crystal clear water, warmth, lots and lots of plants, and a very laid back feel...

Key Largo is definitely the place to go if you like to fish... it is a fisherman's dream! Almost all of my family members are big time fishermen, but we sadly did not do any fishing while we were there.

Honestly, this may sound awful, but we are really good at doing pretty much nothing while on vacation! So, we enjoyed the pool, the nice amenities, tennis, sea side dining and a lot of quality time together (my personal favorite!).

We could not get over the beautiful foliage... it was so stunning.

Scarlett played hard! I was so thankful my mom packed this little walker for Scar... she found her way around very easily :)

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