Monday, April 4, 2011

Greeting card.

I was in a little coffee shop once that had the most darling greeting cards. They all had a retro feel and then had a really catchy phrase to go along with the 1950's picture on the front. One in particular caught my glance. It had a 1950's housewife on the front. She looked distressed with her hand dramatically placed over her forehead, complete with a strand of pearls around her neck. Inside it said, "I just don't have time for the nervous breakdown I deserve." That made me laugh, for whatever reason. Well, that card kept coming to my mind this weekend. My poor Scarlett ran her first fever and it was challenging. It began Thursday and by Friday afternoon it was up to 103 degrees. So, after a visit to the pediatrician just before the weekend, she was diagnosed with a virus. I have to say that as pressing as the weekend was (lack of sleep, lots of tears, etc.) I am so thankful for a healthy baby. I cannot imagine if that was our everyday. My heart goes out to the moms and dads who are dealing with ongoing sickness in their children. She is still not 100%, but is on the mend.

We supported our Kentucky Wildcats and are sad they lost in the final four..... Here we are enjoying the gorgeous Saturday sunshine before the game.

I had so much fun Saturday as I got to celebrate with our pastor's wife Erica at her baby shower. They are expecting their 3rd baby, but 1st girl! Eden Joy :) Doesn't Erica look great!

Here is our little sickie...

Love those chubby legs!

Reading with Daddy.

And into anything and everything.

Easter is just around the corner and I am loving all of the spring colors!
Here is Scarlett's Easter dress. I am somewhat embarrassed and proud to say I got it for only $6.00! It was quite a find at my favorite consignment sale. It is a nice Peaches N' Cream dress and hardly looks like it was even worn. My mom monogrammed it which made it perfect. I am just looking for a little cardigan to be the finishing touch.

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