Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday fun!

2 fun things happened yesterday....

1.) A playdate/lunch/walk with Kristin and Kingston at the park.

How cute is Kristin? She brought birthday hats for our April babies to celebrate their birthdays. They are only 2 1/2 weeks apart. They are SO funny together. We had to keep Scarlett from putting her finger in Kingston's mouth, it was funny.

Kingston wanted that thing OFF of his head!!! ha!

I guess bow training is paying off because Scarlett did not mind one bit.

And I had to document this. Kristin brought Scarlett a birthday card and me this card...

Inside it says, "Wow... that's it just wow." It was to celebrate us making it through an entire year with babies. So cute! She and I have been through a lot this first year and I am SO thankful to have had such an amazing friend to share it with. Thanks Kristin!!! But, I have to say what is most funny about our little "celebration" is that later that afternoon we crowned ourselves the worst moms in the world when our babies came home with their first sunburns!!!! AH! Can you believe that? Horrible.

2.) A visit/dinner/cupcakes with KT

I don't know what it is but whenever any of the ducks get together (ducks are my girlfriends from college) we have to eat Freschetta Pizza...
So, KT and I kept the tradition going. We went with an Italian theme for dinner. Here is KT making her famous Risotto... she uses an authentic Italian technique, it was delish!

I am embarrassed to say that while we cooked I let Scarlett go through my purse and the diaper bag to occupy her! Here she is going to town... whew that was a mess!

We had a lovely dinner together, put Scarlett to bed and then KT and I went "out on the town" which consisted of Toys R' Us and T.J. Maxx :) Action packed, huh?

Although Scarlett went to bed, there were birthday treats waiting for her from Aunt KT when she woke up in the morning....

No surprise there, she loved it!!! Thank you KT... for being such a precious friend and AUNT!

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  1. I love her expression with the Ducky Bath Toy! I had so much fun with y'all! Love you!