Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Growing every day.

I know that my sweet girl is one now, but I just cannot believe how much older she looks everyday.

She is so close to walking...

Uh oh, there is mama's little baby! I think this upset was my fault... I must have taken something away.

We ran some errands the other day and I thought she looked so cute as a little strawberry.

And these I cannot get over! Her birthday present from Aunt Ryan: Puma tennis!!!!! Every time I talk to Ryan now (which is at least every day) she asks if Scarlett is walking... So, no Ryan, she is not walking yet!

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  1. Love, Love, Love that little outfit! Did your Mama monogram it?

  2. No, not this one. I got it done before she became the monogramming queen!!!!! Love you! Did you get to watch the picnic basket video?

  3. I will have to tell Ryan what a great job she did with the Puma's. I absolutely loving visiting your Blog. Have I ever told you that my dearest friend, Alex loves looking at your Blog as well. I share it with her a while back.

    Lots of Love, Kathryn

  4. Thank you Kathryn!!! You are such a cherished reader and I love that Alex reads too! Ryan totally hit it out of the park with the Pumas... I wonder if we could get them dipped in bronze like the old days when she grows out of them, ha! Hope all is well with you and hoping I see you soon! xoxo