Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcoming Fall...

We are welcoming fall here on the Owen range. We simply think it is the best season. With the crisp breeze moving in, we have been enjoying lots of play time outside.

I took these pictures on Monday and am just getting them posted today, Friday! It has been that kind of week.

Little Scarlett woke up from her nap and, bless her heart, the paparazzi was present again. She was still trying to wake up.
But as soon as I said, "Do you want to go outside?" This was her response...
With her doll in hand (Hannah, as we call her), she was ready to soak in the sunshine... but I think this little smile is pretty radiant :)
Still getting a little sleep out of her eyes...
And then we were out the door.
Maneuvering her car on the front porch kept her very busy.
And then, our favorite surprise... Daddy got home early!!!

And this is how our girls like to end their day... one in particular likes to watch for squirrels, I wonder who that could be?

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  1. This may be one of my most favorite posts. I love all her new expressions and her faces.