Friday, September 2, 2011

Someone's in the kitchen with Scarlett.

We have been enjoying our consignment sale finds the past couple days. I apologize if it annoys anyone that I like to post the price I got an item for, I just love to find a good deal! Scarlett loves staying busy while she is playing throughout the day. I knew she would really enjoy a toy kitchen, but I knew I would be picky about just what kind I wanted her to get and forgive me, but I just did not want to wait until Christmas. I think the little wooden kitchens (like the ones on Pottery Barn Kids which are practically the price it would cost to remodel our real life kitchen, ha!) are so darling. So, I set out with low hopes of finding something like it at the sale because I thought what I wanted would be either too pricey or not for sale. Well, surprise! I found something that is small (which is good because we don't have much room) and just the right price. Here is the little corner I set up for Scarlett upstairs... it is her little area to play and imagine in!

The little kitchenette was $19.50. I found the exact one I got on this website for $110.00. holla!
The little fridge was just $5.00 and has darling retor shelf liner in it. The table and chairs were a special find that my sister, Ryan, and I got at IKEA when I was pregnant with Scarlett. So, all in all I could easily add to this corner without breaking the bank, but I think this is a good start.

And here is little miss prissy herself. Enjoying a drink of the salt shaker?

There are strict rules when Scarlett is in her roll of dramatic play... momma must stay seated (in the tiny little chair) the whole time. Every great actress needs an audience, right? ha!

This is the classic Scarlett face. It is somehow worked into every conversation or expressive opportunity she has.

This is a little off subject. I am really excited about a new book that I ordered which arrived yesterday!
Angie Smith is an amazing author and I cannot wait to dive into her latest work. You can read her incredible story here on her blog.

We are looking forward to a fabulous long weekend... hope you are too!

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