Friday, September 9, 2011

17 Months

It is crazy how quickly the week goes by after a 3-day-weekend.... it is already Friday! Scarlett is 17 months old as of Tuesday, so I must update on what is going on with this sweet girl...

Over Labor Day Weekend it was 100 degrees! We finally got a rain storm and so we let you play in the rain for a while... you were in hog heaven! The following pictures and video are of you enjoying the downpour...

Scarlett, You changed so much this month. You are spirited and vivacious and are equally as sweet and thoughtful. You keep us laughing all the time.

Here is what is going on with you:

- You wear size 24 month clothes and some 2T and a size 6 1/2 shoe and a size 5 diaper.
- You love to eat. Especially fruit. You are great about trying new things. Your new favorite food right now if tortellini.
- You are so full of life! You do not stop unless it is meal time or sleep time.
- You love to climb the stairs and can do it very well by yourself, but that just does not fly with momma and dada!
- You are very sensitive to what people say
- You have perfected the following animal sounds: dog, kitty cat, lion and monkey.
- You talk all the time, but I still have a hard time figuring out exactly what you are saying. You say the following words pretty clearly: yes, this, that, duck-duck, momma, and (dada has been shortened) da!

- You are sleeping really well. You have started to love to go to sleep on your own for nap time. You just play and talk and drift off to sleep. We still have our normal bedtime routine which is great by me!
- You love to laugh. It really cracks us up because you laugh at the appropriate times.
- You are still crazy about your baby dolls. You know them by name because if I ask you to get Genevieve you go right to her, passing up your other babies. You love to pretend like they are crying or change their diapers. They spend most of their time being wheeled around in the stroller.

- You know pretty much everything we say to you. I can ask you to bring me anything and you do! Not that I use that to my advantage though!
- You pray with us before meals and at bedtime. It is so sweet to watch you bow your little head and fold your hands. Sometimes you "pray" just to get a smile from us :)
- You LOVE to be outside... we have decided you are an outdoor girl. You love to go on walks with Peepaw and just roam and roam in the grass (he was your 'umbrella man' while you played in the rain!)

- You LOVE dogs. If ever we see one while we are out you "woof" and point. Nonni and Peepaws dogs are so good to you, but Callie is still not sure about your all's relationship. Her loss!

You are the salt of our life!!! We love you so much and enjoy watching you grow before our very eyes. With all our love, Momma and Da!

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