Friday, September 30, 2011

a few high points in our week

Somehow the days flew by and it is Friday! Here are some small high-points in our week...

First of all, you may notice Scarlett's scratched nose in some of these pics. Let me just tell you that was NOT one of our high points. It was awful. She tripped over a dog leash on the sidewalk outside Aunt Barbie's house on Sunday afternoon. It was one of those moments that happened in slow motion and Mitch and I's arms could not get to her fast enough. She was totally fine, but there were some scratches left!

This had to be one of Scarlett's favorite visitors this week... a kitty cat. She is animal obsessed. Like, she even wants to stop and pet animal statues we see. And we do. ha! So when this little visitor showed up after nap time on Monday, Scarlett welcome him/her with open arms, literally :)

On Tuesday Scarlett and I basked in the lovely fall afternoon and shared lunch together at her mini table on the deck. It was a sweet moment together. Let's just say my backside did not fit as nicely into the chair as Scarlett's did.

Is there anything better than homemade salsa? I mean the kind where the tomatoes, onions and peppers were all grown in a backyard garden and then canned in the kitchen just feet away. One of Mitch's patients made and gave this to him and it truly has been a treat for me this week.

And finally, the princess thanks you for reading! I put this picture in here especially for one of my devoted readers -- Mitch's Gran!! Gran gave Scarlett this princess crown when we visited her in OK this summer and Scarlett has now decided she likes to adorn her little head with it.

Hoping you can think of some little high-points from your week too!

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