Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Double treasures.

Scarlett and I have been away from our typical routine for the past couple days. We got to spend some time with my parents while the very best (in my opinion) consignment sale is going on in their town. I love to hunt for treasures and boy did I get to! My dad travels a lot so it is always nice when he is home for a little while and we can just be together. To me, that is a treasure in itself. So, that means...

Evening walks with Peepaw...
And special, 'made to order' breakfasts by Nonni....
Thank you Mama and Daddy for loving our sweet girl so much. She is crazy about both of you!!!

Now.... onto some of the treasures I found at the sale. Hands down the best find -- Pink, real leather cowgirl boots!!! Perfectly Scarlett's size for winter... $6.00!
Can you tell these boots are made for walkin'

Another fun find -- lion costume. $5.00 The authentic roar to go along with it, priceless :) And boy was Daddy glad to have his little cub home!!

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  1. I love that backside and those legs in those pink boots!