Friday, August 19, 2011


My mom stayed overnight with us to watch Scarlett while I went to the doctor yesterday. She brought Scarlett a little t-shirt that she has been saving for years now. She got it at a little country inn her and my dad stayed at once to celebrate their anniversary. It is just a plain white 't' that says honeychild. For those of you who are not familiar with the term honeychild, I looked it up on the urban dictionary. It states: honeychild, Cajun Dialect; a term of endearment. Also "honeychile." Here is my little honeychild. We dressed her up in a little fluffy slip... she had already put her pearls on for the day!

One of Scarlett's newest and most popular expressions is "wow!" as you can see here...

Just checking. She thought something was on her little foot.

Is this fluffy enough, Nonni?

And then we played pee-pie in the curtains :)

I was so thankful that my mom came to watch Scarlett yesterday because I waited 2 and a half hours before I could even see my ob/gyn. So that meant I was gone 3 and a half hours. Insane. Nothing exciting to report, it was just my annual checkup... gotta love that appointment! I got home and Scarlett was already up from her nap so there was not much downtime in my day. After dinner I decided to forgo my nightly routine of cleaning the kitchen before we started Scarlett's night time routine. So, I laid on the couch. No sooner than I put my feet up, I had a little snuggle buddy... so Mitch snapped a picture.
Me and my honeychild :)

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