Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mommy's little helper and playtime with our long-lost friends

Warning.... my little baby is growing up! Scarlett looks so grown up in these pictures. She has become my little helper. This morning, she helped me make the bed. She held down the decorative pillows while I pulled up the covers....
Even little Genevieve (that is her cabbage patch baby doll that was actually mine when I was little) joined in the task.

We tried to finish our morning duties quickly because we had a special date to get ready for. We went to visit with our long-lost friends Kristin and Kingston. I only say long-lost because we were away from home this summer and missed seeing them... the long-lost part is totally our doing!

Look how much these 2 cuties have grown (they are 2 weeks apart in age)...

Here they are at 2 months old:
And today at 16 months and almost 16 months:
Both of their little legs were crossed :)

Everybody reach left!


(and yes, Scarlett was sporting her skinny jeans today! ha!)
Poor Kingston... Scarlett was never too far away :) She is a little "mommy"... she always wanted to be sure he didn't need something.

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  1. I can't take her growing up! How did she get so big this summer? :( And how cute is that outfit!

  2. Jilly- That means A LOT coming from a fashion blogger!!!!!!!! xoxo