Saturday, August 6, 2011

16 Months

Look who is already 16 months old! Only 2 months away from being 1.5 years old. Amazing! Time truly is flying, but we are soaking up every second we can. The song "It won't be like this for long" sung by Darius Rucker came on Pandora yesterday and I told Mitch I could not hold back the tears. The words are SO true...
It won't be like this for long, pretty soon that little girl is gonna be all grown up and gone. These days are gonna fly by, so baby just hold on, cause it won't be like this for long...
Ok, I am tearing up again. Seriously, this precious girl is growing so fast.

Scarlett, You are 16 months today and here is what is going on with you:

- You are BUSY! If you are not pushing your baby doll stroller, you are looking out the front door. If you are not looking out the front door, you are trying to help yourself to a snack in the kitchen. If you are not getting a snack, you are rearranging the diaper bag for mommy. You get the picture!
-- You are INCREDIBLY sweet. You are very loving and if we just say, "Scarlett, will you love on ______" (mama, dada, baby, minnie, etc) you run over and lay your head on _____ and hum. It is so darling.
-- You wear all 24 month clothes and even some 2T.
-- You still wear a size 5 diaper and a 6.5 shoe.
-- Speaking of shoes, you find your shoes all the time and want to put them on. You still need help doing that. I think you just always want to be ready for action!

-- You LOVE water. Bath time is still a huge hit and the water hose outside is one of you favorites. The other day, daddy and I planted some new hydrangea bushes and were watering them. You ran straight up to me while I was spraying down the mulch and stuck your face right in the stream of water and laughed and laughed. Ha! The neighbors probably thought I was crazy because it appeared like I was spraying you down, but it was totally voluntary on your part. Needless to say, by the end of our water session you were drenched from head to toe and loved it.
-- You love your baby dolls. You have several in your care at all times. It cracks us up because you rock them, bounce them (just like we do to you!), give them drinks, pat them, hug them, take off their clothes (somehow they don't ever seem to get put back on though!), etc. You are very nurturing.
-- You talk all the time, but there is very little that makes sense to us. Sorry baby. I know you say, "this" and "that" and you say mama and dada a lot. And I think you say Nonna for your Nonni. But other than that we are missing most of it, for right now at least. We know you are just going to start making sense soon.
-- On the contrary to us not understanding what you are saying to us, you understand everything we say to you. You are so smart. We can ask you to bring us almost anything and you know exactly what to get. Sometimes daddy and I set up little "tests" so we can see your smarts in action!
-- Your new favorite food is sweet potato fries. You tried them when we were visiting Gran this summer and they have been a hit ever since! You love to dip them in ketchup. Actually, I think you love to dip almost anything. In the morning I make you a little cup of yogurt to dip your toast or waffles in and you love that too.
-- You have always loved to dig through bags or boxes or purses. I put together your very own purse for you to play with this week and you have enjoyed that. It has 3 pearl necklaces in it and you are quite the little fashion-plate walking around the house.
-- You have the most beautiful strawberry blonde hair. People comment on it all the time when we are out and about. It curls just enough on the end to give it lots of body. Your eyes are big and blue and your daddy and I think you are gorgeous! We know you are beautiful on the inside too and that is truly what matters.
-- You have really perfected several animal noises. Specifically the dog, cat and lion. You are hit or miss on cow and others. Anytime you hear a dog bark you bark too. And speaking of dogs, you are crazy about dogs (and really animals in general). Unfortunately Callie has still not warmed up to you yet. I am hoping that will change one of these days.

You are a little gift to us and we just love you!!! - Mama and Dada

P.S. Faithful readers... I am SO sorry I have been so absent recently. I have just felt overwhelmed trying to get back into the groove of everyday life. You may have missed Scarlett's 15 Month update because I am back-posting from weeks ago. You can read about her 15th month Here.

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